Nyreen Kandros is the turian leader of the Talons mercenary organization on Omega in 2186. Unlike the group's previous leader, Nyreen has a strong moral compass and extensive military experience, traits which gave her the skills necessary to convert the Talons from a lawless gang to a highly disciplined operation devoted to aiding and protecting Omega's civilians.

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Born to a family with a long and honored tradition of military service, Nyreen Kandros left the turian military after the emergence of her biotic abilities. Oft-suspicious of biotics, the turians shipped Nyreen off to the Cabal units, where her abilities and experience were grossly underutilized.

After several years as a mercenary, Kandros was drawn to Omega by its reputation as a haven for capable freelancers. Nyreen's early years on Omega were a pivotal time for her. Aria T'Loak took an interest in Kandros, helping her hone her biotic talents while developing her military experience and skills to their full potential. Aria also allowed Nyreen the time she needed to reconcile with her new way of life and her unexpected and initially unwanted abilities. The two developed a relationship, but eventually parted ways due to irreconcilable differences. Nyreen remained on Omega unbeknownst to Aria, and went on to assume control of the Talons.

Mass Effect 3: Omega Edit

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When Aria T'Loak returns to Omega to liberate the station from Cerberus occupation in 2186, she and Nyreen are reunited. Nyreen initially keeps her reasons for being on Omega during the occupation a secret, but later reveals that while Aria was exiled, she has become the new leader of the Talons and directed the resistance movement against Cerberus. At first, Nyreen and Aria remain suspicious of each other, having ended their relationship on bad terms years ago, but the tension between them gradually eases. Nyreen becomes an invaluable part of Aria's forces, and tries to rein in Aria's more violent and reckless tendencies. Her composure only falters when confronting Adjutants, Cerberus-created Reaper creatures that had terrorized Omega when Cerberus invaded. Nyreen vividly recalls how she had to kill many friends and allies when they became infected by attacking Adjutants, and becomes visibly shaken when facing the creatures in combat.

Nyreen's death
During the final assault on Cerberus's command center at the Afterlife Club, Nyreen leads her Talons independently on an offensive through Gozu District. Sensing something is wrong, Nyreen scouts ahead of her troops and arrives at the main plaza outside Afterlife's entrance in time to see a group of Adjutants charging toward civilians. She draws the creatures in with her biotics and detonates a belt of grenades. Her biotic field contains the explosion, and she is incinerated along with the Adjutants.

Trivia Edit

  • Nyreen was originally envisioned as an asari gang lord with no ties to Aria. When a DLC focused on Aria was decided upon, Nyreen was changed to a turian and given a more prominent role to serve as a Paragon foil to Aria.[2]
  • Nyreen is the first female turian to appear in a Mass Effect game.
  • In addition to voicing Nyreen, Sumalee Montano also provides the voice for the American female Inquisitor from Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  • Nyreen is mentioned to be the cousin of Tiran Kandros head of the militia for the Nexus in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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