Captain Nozomi Dunn is the captain of ark Hyperion of the Andromeda Initiative.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Following the arrival of the Hyperion at Habitat 7 and its subsequent rub against the ominous energy cloud, Dunn argues with Alec Ryder over their next course of action, with Dunn believing that attempting to land on the planet would be a mistake. She later guides the Hyperion during its docking with the Nexus.

Captain Dunn can be found during the Hyperion's kett hijacking, fending off several of the hostile aliens before Pathfinder Ryder's sibling comes to her aid. Dunn would, in turn, distract the kett as he/she made their way to SAM node.

The Archon would later capture Dunn along with the Hyperion, abandoning the ship at Meridian while causing catastrophic damage to its systems. Dunn would go down with the ark in an attempt to save it, with her fate ultimately depending on the rescued Pathfinders.

If Avitus Rix was made Pathfinder so that there are a total of three other Pathfinders, Dunn will live. She will die if Avitus is not Pathfinder.

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