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ME3 Docking Bay D24
Normandy Dock: Bay D24 is a starship dock on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3. When visiting the Citadel, the Normandy SR-2 docks here. Diana Allers, Miranda Lawson, Wrex, and Steve Cortez can be encountered here.

Points of InterestEdit

ME3 POI NormandyDock
Normandy Airlock
  • To exit the Citadel and board the Normandy.
  • An Alliance soldier looking for Prothean data drives. (After the attack on the citadel.)
  • Wrex will be encountered here if the genophage cure was sabotaged.
Passenger Lounge
  • Diana Allers can be found here, trying to coax information from Ensign Copeland.
  • Two Alliance marines, a sergeant and a private, discussing new orders (after the attack on the Citadel).
Viewing Deck
  • An Avina terminal
  • A turian-asari couple saying their goodbyes with the turian leaving for war.
  • Steve Cortez can be found here.
  • Miranda Lawson can be found here (after her first email).
Security Checkpoint
  • Garrus can be found by the skycar, when he asks Commander Shepard to go and do some R&R with him.
  • With the Leviathan installed, a panel appears by the skycar, allowing for rapid transit directly aboard the Normandy.

Side MissionsEdit

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