ME2 N7 - alchera
The Alliance has found the wreckage of the SSV Normandy on the planet Alchera. They have asked that a monument be placed on the site and any sign of the remaining 20 missing crew members recovered.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Normandy Crash Site

The Normandy's crash site is available automatically from the Cerberus Network as free DLC. When the DLC is installed, after acquiring the Normandy SR-2, Shepard will receive an e-mail from Admiral Hackett titled "Normandy Crash Site Located":

From: Admiral Hackett

Commander Shepard:

Our scans in the Amada system have turned up something we thought you should see: the final location of the wreckage of the SSV Normandy.

We thought this news might be important to you, but we also have an ulterior motive. The Alliance would like to honor the Normandy with a monument, to be built on the site of the ship's final resting place. We'd like to invite you to place the monument and be the first to walk on the site.

There are still 20 crew members unaccounted for from the attack on the Normandy. If you find any signs of these lost crewmen, we ask that you report to the Alliance so that those heroes' families might find some closure.

Godspeed to you, Commander.

Travel to Alchera, Amada System, Omega Nebula, to start the assignment. These mission notes are displayed after scanning the planet:

“Scans confirm the wreckage of SSV Normandy on the planet's surface. No life signs or mechanical activity detected. Stable landing zone located amid the crash site.”

Walkthrough Edit

Ncs-map-edited-dog tags

Location of dog tags

Exploring the crash site is a solo mission; there are no hostiles present. As you explore the map, Shepard will experience flashbacks of different areas of the SSV Normandy according to which areas of the wreckage the Commander is walking through. Dog tags will show up as a shining object in the distance and are relatively hard to miss as the pick up option will appear well before you see the dog tag itself. Four dog tags are in crates around the map, and may be retrieved by breaking the crate.

Notable features include the still-intact Mako, the destroyed Galaxy Map amid the wreckage of the CIC, a section of the port armour plating with "Normandy" still visible, the sleeper pod compartment, a section of the cockpit, and an upright escape pod.

Near the remains of the Galaxy Map, a data pad can be found that belonged to Navigator Pressly, who was killed during the attack on the Normandy. It details his initial disdain for having so many aliens onboard, though the third and final entry notes how his opinions have changed and how he would gladly give his life for any of the aliens. You can also find Shepard's lost N7 helmet. If found, it will be displayed on the desk in Shepard's quarters when you return.

At some point during the mission, you must place a monument on the grounds. After placing the monument and collecting the items, you may return to your shuttle to complete the mission.

If you have found 16 of the 20 dog tags, and are looking for the remaining 4, then they will be in the fragile crates scattered amongst the debris field. You must break the crates open to find the remaining tags.

Flashbacks Edit

Dog Tags NoBG
There are a few places where Shepard will pause for a minute and experience a flashback to the SR-1.
  • Normandy Text: The flashback will show the SSV Normandy docked at the Citadel in Dock 422.
  • Cockpit: The flashback will show Joker manning the controls and behind him, the CIC and Galaxy Map.
  • Sleeper Pods: Shows the sleeper pods as they appeared in Mass Effect with the mess hall in the background.
  • Mako: The flashback to show the Mako stored in the SSV Normandy's cargo bay.
  • CIC and Galaxy Map: The flashback will show the Galaxy Map and CIC as they appeared in Mass Effect.
  • Pressly's Datapad: The flashback will show Navigator Pressly saluting.
  • Mess Hall: The flashback will show the squad member that was left behind on Virmire in Mass Effect. If it is a new game started in Mass Effect 2, then the squad member of the same gender as Shepard will be shown.

The Fallen Edit

  • Bakari, Jamin
  • Barrett, Germeen
  • Chase, Addison
  • Crosby, Silas
  • Draven, Rosamund
  • Draven, Talitha
  • Dubyansky, Alexei
  • Emerson, Hector
  • Felawa, Robert
  • Gladstone, Harvey J.
  • Grenado, Caroline
  • Grieco, Marcus
  • Laflamme, Orden
  • Lowe, Helen M.
  • Negulesco, Monica
  • Pakti, Abishek
  • Pressly, Charles
  • Rahman, Mandira
  • Tanaka, Raymond
  • Tucks, Carlton
  • Waaberi, Amina
Normandy crash site - monument placed

Datapads Edit

Three journal entries can be found on a datapad near the CIC; the flashback of Navigator Pressly plays after examining it.

Entry 1:

[UNRECOVERABLE DATA]AA#%SKA--++--?///\1~!!#[DATA RECOVERED]spoke to the Commander about this. I [CORRUPT] all these damned aliens aboard the Alliance's most advanced ship. I just don't trust them. Esp[UNRECOVERABLE DATA]that damned asari. And a quarian! What does Shepard think this is, a zoo?

Entry 2:

[UNRECOVERABLE DATA] TTHAK!@)%$**##)-====@#$(CE)(#(@!~~~~fk3-054%((#@[DATA RECOVERED]with the quarian. It seems she's on some kind of pilgrimage, trying to improve the lot of her home ship. I can understand that. I woul[UNRECOVERABLE DATA] babysit my children or anything, but if she has to be on board, I suppose that's not too bad.

Entry 3:

[UNRECOVERABLE DATA]########%%(#())ffaerlkj2!222*@()#!!!!||||==/11!13$$[DATA RECOVERED]for a while now, and I'm taking a look back at past entries in this journal. I [UNRECOVERABLE DATA] how blind I was at the time. I came on this ship firmly believing humanity was on its own in the galaxy,[CORRUPT]Shepard brought all these aliens on board, and there's no way we could have accomplished what we did without them. I am proud to say [CORRUPT]die for any member of this crew, regardless of what world they were born on.

Email Edit

After the completion of the mission, Shepard will receive this e-mail, titled "Normandy Crash Site Data Received":

From: Admiral Hackett

Commander Shepard:

The Alliance was grateful to receive the information you found at the Normandy's crash site, and we've sent it out to the affected families. By finding those dog tags, you have provided peace of mind for a lot of people, Commander. I thank you on their behalf.

Mission Summary Edit

A monument has been placed at the last resting place of the SSV Normandy on Alchera and the families of all missing crew members have been notified of their ultimate sacrifice.

Shepard's lost N7 Helmet was recovered.

  • Experience reward: 200 (240)
  • Credits: 3,750
    • Alliance Funding: 3,750
    • Credits Found: 0
  • Minerals:
    • Element Zero: 500

Bugs Edit

  • The mission summary screen may inaccurately report a Geth Shield Strength upgrade and a Tech Damage upgrade. These are not able to be researched.
  • On PC the text shows press F to place the monument. However this does not work if the melee key has been remapped. Press the key bound for melee in order to place the monument.

Trivia Edit

  • After planting the first monument, you can return and replant the monument anywhere that you are allowed.
  • The names of all the crew who died on the SR1 are displayed on a monument set in the SR2's crew deck when it is repurposed by the Alliance in Mass Effect 3.

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