The ND1 Nomad is an all-terrain exploration-focused land vehicle utilized by Pathfinders as part of the Andromeda Initiative to scout out potential Golden Worlds for colonization.

Specifications Edit


The Nomad features twin hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells powering an Element Zero core, independent suspension for each wheel, and interchangeable four- or six-wheel drive. Like the Mako from prior Mass Effect games, it comes equipped with a rear fuel injection booster to propel it forward, and helium-3 microthrusters beneath the vehicle to blast it upward.

The Nomad also comes with the capability to scan planet surfaces for valuable resources and deploy mining drones to harvest those. The maximum achievable speed of the Nomad is 161 km/h.

Customizations Edit

Customizable Nomad components include the following:

  • Thrusters - Hold as much boost fluid as needed for greater maneuverability.
  • Shields - Additional power cells can briefly generate a protective field around the Nomad to protect the drive and its occupants when exiting the vehicle.
  • Shield Blast - If the Nomad loses its shield, in a last attempt to preserve shield integrity, the shield power cells will discharge causing an area of effect shockwave that will send nearby enemies flying.
  • Radar - Highlights enemies in the surrounding area.
  • Life Support - Provides more hazard resistance.
  • Paint Job - Customizable depending on environmental circumstances.

Upgrades and paint jobs are available for purchase from certain merchants.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrades are installed immediately once they have been crafted.

Picture Upgrade Rarity Description
MEA Nomad Advanced Detection Systems Advanced Detection Systems Uncommon Allows the occupants of the Nomad to detect enemies through obstacles at a range of up to 75 meters.
MEA Nomad Advanced Life Support Advanced Life Support Rare Installs power cells that can briefly generate a mass effect field around the Nomad to shield occupants as they are exiting the vehicle.
MEA Nomad Agility Mode Agility Mode Uncommon Allows the Nomad's Stability Assist, which is always on by default, to be disabled, giving an expert driver greater control over the vehicle. With Stability Assist disabled, the Nomad is more agile, but will have less traction when cornering.
MEA Nomad Defensive Fortification Defensive Fortification Rare Improves the Nomad's shield strength and frame integrity by 25%.
MEA Nomad Emergency Shield Discharge Emergency Shield Discharge Rare When the Nomad's shields are entirely depleted, shield cells will discharge, generating a shockwave that sends nearby enemies flying.
MEA Nomad Improved Boost Improved Boost Rare Expands booster chambers to provide a longer boost in both drive modes.
MEA Nomad Improved Shield Regeneration Improved Shield Regeneration† Uncommon Upgrades the Nomad's shield cells, allowing for faster regeneration without sacrificing effectiveness. (Acquired during Task: Nomad Shield Crafting).
MEA Nomad Improved Suspension (4WD) Improved Suspension (4WD) Uncommon Increase the Nomad's top speed in 4-wheel-drive mode.
MEA Nomad Shield Reset Bonus Shield Reset Bonus Common Upgrades shield cells to reduce the time it takes for shields to begin regenerating.
MEA Nomad Supercharged Boost Supercharged Boost Ultra Rare Greatly improved air flow and fuel injection allows for an even longer boost time.
MEA Nomad Supplemental Life Support Supplemental Life Support Uncommon Upgrades the Nomad's life support system to improve functioning in extreme environments.
MEA Nomad Torque Management (6WD) Torque Management (6WD) Uncommon Improves torque in 6-wheel-drive, allowing for a faster top speed in that mode.
MEA Nomad Vertical Thrust Upgrade Vertical Thrust Upgrade Common Increases the force generated by vertical thrusters by 40%.
Upgrade Crafting Resource 1 Crafting Resource 2 Crafting Resource 3
Advanced Detection Systems 120 Silicon 40 Nickel 30 Element Zero
Advanced Life Support 120 Graphite 40 Lithium 30 Platinum
Agility Mode 120 Beryllium 40 Cadmium 30 Element Zero
Defensive Fortification 120 Beryllium 40 Cadmium 30 Element Zero
Emergency Shield Discharge 120 Beryllium 40 Cadmium 30 Element Zero
Improved Boost 120 Graphite 40 Nickel 30 Platinum
Improved Shield Regeneration† 120 Iron 40 Nickel 30 Platinum
Improved Suspension (4WD) 120 Copper 40 Fluorite 30 Element Zero
Shield Reset Bonus 120 Copper 40 Iridium 30 Platinum
Supercharged Boost 180 Graphite 60 Iridium 45 Element Zero
Supplemental Life Support 120 Beryllium 40 Fluorite 30 Element Zero
Torque Management (6WD) 120 Beryllium 40 Iridium 30 Platinum
Vertical Thrust Upgrade 120 Copper 40 Lithium 30 Platinum

Note: †This upgrade has known bug issues that have been fixed in patches so that the related mission can be completed. (See the bugs section of Task: Nomad Shield Crafting for details)

Paint Jobs Edit

The Nomad can be customized with different paint jobs that can be changed at a loadout terminal.

Picture Name Rarity Description Credits Cost Location
MEA Nomad Archangel Archangel Uncommon A navy and black turian design ready to ride into hell and back. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Blackout Blackout Common Any color can claim to be "the new black," but nothing quite stands up to the original. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Blood Pack Blood Pack Rare A shimmering, metallic red inspired by krogan blood rage. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Hex Hex Uncommon A white and black geometric pattern for the symmetry lover. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Honeycomb Honeycomb Uncommon A gold hexagonal pattern over a jet black base. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Midas Touch Midas Touch Ultra Rare Low maintenance, high panache. N/A Pre-Order Bonus
MEA Nomad Migrant Spirit Migrant Spirit Ultra Rare A labyrinthine pattern honoring those who fearlessly wander the stars. N/A Deluxe Edition Bonus
MEA Nomad Monolith Midnight Monolith Midnight Common A unique, geometric pattern based on Remnant technology. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad N7 N7 Rare A commanding onyx and crimson paint job inspired by Systems Alliance special forces. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Nebula Nebula Rare An interstellar black and teal pattern based on star charts from the Andromeda galaxy. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Platinum Platinum Ultra Rare Witness the shine and sheen of this sleek platinum plating. N/A Requires Andromeda Newsletter signup[1]
MEA Nomad Roll Initiative Roll Initiative Common Be the first to explore a new galaxy while sporting the official colors of the Andromeda Initiative. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Seeing Red Seeing Red Common A classic that is still all the rage. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Silent Step Silent Step Uncommon A minimalist white and teal salarian design that can hold the line against the wear and tear of any planet. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Snowfall Snowfall Rare A white and black camo paint job, perfect for exploring the tundra. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa Common The essence of simplicity. N/A Default paint job
MEA Nomad Tevura's Heart Tevura's Heart Uncommon An indigo paint job named after the asari goddess of travel, Tevura. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Tuchanka Grit Tuchanka Grit Ultra Rare A paint job tough enough to weather a nuclear winter. N/A Deluxe Edition Bonus
MEA Nomad Verdant Hunter Verdant Hunter Common The dark green tones are evocative of kett architecture. 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area
MEA Nomad Vesoan Vesoan Uncommon This steel blue paint job is mixed from local materials and is named after the angaran word for "explorer." 400 Vehicle Merchant -
Common Area

Trivia Edit

  • Of the navigable worlds, the only one in which the Nomad is not used is Havarl due to its gravity and small map.
  • While driving, Ryder's squadmates will engage in random and unique conversations, with different squadmates reacting to different discussions. One point of common reference, however, is at some point everyone will complain that only Ryder gets to drive the vehicle.
  • The color of the paint jobs can change depending on the environmental conditions that the the Nomad is in. For example, on the bright and sunny world Eos, the Midas Touch paint job will appear bright gold, whereas on the dusty lower light world Kadara, the same paint job will appear a shiny muddy-brown.

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