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Ninmah Cluster
Milky Way / Ninmah Cluster
Ninmah Cluster
Cluster View
Systems 2
Relays 1

Location: Milky Way / Ninmah Cluster

Prerequisite: Priority: Sur'Kesh (Mass Effect 3)

The Citadel races and krogan maintain a watchful presence in the former home cluster of the rachni despite the decimation of the race during the Rachni Wars.

Mass Relay Connections Edit

  • None


Ninmah Cluster
Asteroid belt
Asteroid belt


Trivia Edit

  • The Ninmah Cluster is likely named after the Sumerian earth goddess Ninhursag, also referred to as Ninmah. The star systems have names from the Sumerian language, as well as most of the celestial bodies within them.
  • Although the Ninmah Cluster has no adjacent directly explorable clusters in Mass Effect 3, the cluster it's connected to is approximately at the same place as Hawking Eta.

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