Reyes Vidal has sent an email asking you to contact him via comms.


Starts automatically after you have completed the objective "Return to the Tempest" in the mission Settling Kadara.


Read your emailEdit

Reyes wants you to call him.

Call ReyesEdit

Use the vidcom on the Tempest. Vidal invites Ryder to accompany him to a get-together that Sloane is holding for the locals. If Ryder declines, this mission is skipped altogether, and High Noon begins the next time Ryder is on Kadara.

Meet Reyes at Outcast Headquaters Edit

He introduces you to an angaran friend and goes away to take care of something. Mingle with the other guests, and then go and find Reyes. What happens then depends on what relation you have developed with him.

Other Interactions Edit

Bad with Women Edit

On the west wall, a turian named Velus is wallowing in self pity after chasing off his date. If asked about it, he tells Pathfinder Ryder that he was trying to make her jealous by comparing his date to her sister. Naturally, she became angry and went to drink by herself. If Ryder tells him to talk to her, he will explain his mistake. His date tells him that angara speak honestly to people they like, they don't try to upset them. He replies that he honestly likes her and she says she likes him, too, and tells him to relax.

Getting Drunk Edit

Inside the Outcast Headquarters, Umi Henon will be serving guests. She will only serve Ryder if they can answer a question for each drink. First, she asks the name of her bar, which is Kralla's Song. Second, she will ask how she serves whiskey. If Ryder ever asked for a drink at her bar, Ryder asks for it 'neat,' to which Umi replies is the only way she serves it. The third question is simply whether Ryder is willing to try an experimental drink. Obviously, Ryder would have to accept to get the final drink. After drinking it, Ryder can be seen dancing on the tables and sitting in Sloane's throne before passing out. When Ryder wakes up, the party is still going.

Gambling Edit

On the east wall is a gambler trying to decide on evens or odds. He can't decide and asks Ryder to pick. Evens wins the game for him, odds loses.


270 XP.

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