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Nexus + 3 Arks

Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Zheng He

Description Edit

Station name: Nexus
Length: 15.47km (when completed)
Anchorage wheel diameter: 5.3km
Status: Under construction

Headquarters of the Andromeda Initiative, the Nexus is a massive space station designed to anchor the returning arks, process resources, and support colonists before their departure to new worlds. All new arrivals must pass quarantine.

History Edit

The Nexus is intended to be the hub of the Andromeda Initiative once the project reaches the Andromeda galaxy. Taking inspiration from the much larger Citadel, the Nexus contains features comparable in form and function to those found in the Milky Way station and houses the command echelons of the project.

At launch, the Nexus resembles two Wards of the Citadel joined together at the base. Upon reaching Andromeda, construction is due to commence on the station in order to give it a Presidium-like central torus and another Ward-like superstructure. The arks are to dock with the station on its central support column to provide it with extra power and storage.

The Nexus was activated a year before the Hyperion arrived in Andromeda. With its original leadership decimated in the Scourge Disaster shortly after arrival, and unable to establish contact with any of the First Wave Arks, the staff on board ended up having disputes, which led to a good portion of the crew on board being banished from the Nexus and being labeled "Exiles". There has also been reports of terrorist activity and sabotage from other crew members who did not agree with the senior staff on topics of survival within the Andromeda Galaxy. The krogan who were part of the Nexus team have all left save one.

Furthermore, with 2 attempts at establishing outposts both ended in disaster, run-ins with the hostile Kett, and without the resources and manpower supposedly to be provided by the Arks, couple with food shortages, the standing Nexus leadership were forced to cease all construction on the Nexus, stretch their dwindling foodstore via rationing.

By the time of approximately fourteen months after the Nexus' arrival, even its inhabitants began to give up all hope of rendezvousing with the other arks. That all changes when Hyperion arrives and docks with the station.

Locations Edit

  • Residential Blocks - temporary living quarters for the colonists until the Pathfinders have secured homeworlds for them.
  • Cultural Center - its archives contain the combined history of the numerous Milky Way races and can assist newly-encountered races in learning about the colonists' origins.
  • Hydroponic Gardens - for quiet contemplation.
  • Vortex Lounge - the local bar for off-duty indulgences.
  • Operations - oversees security and management for the entire Nexus.
  • Pathfinder HQ - a section under Operations where Pathfinders can share and discuss their findings.
  • Science Lab - research and development.

Nexus Leadership Edit

Current Edit

Former Edit

Related Missions Edit

Priority Ops Edit

Allies and Relationships Edit

Heleus Assignments Edit

Additional Tasks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to the dev team[1], Arkcon was the original name for the Nexus as the space station connects the Arks.
  • The Nexus was renamed the same day the villain was named Archon for "completely unrelated reasons," according to lead designer Ian Frazier[2][3].
  • The Avina VI plays the same role on the Nexus as it did on the Citadel from the original trilogy.


  1. Tweet from Marc Walters, creative director at BioWare

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