Disambiguous This article is about the Mass Effect class specialization. For the Mass Effect 2 Biotic Mastery evolution, see Biotic Mastery. For the Cerberus unit in Mass Effect 3, see Nemesis (enemy).
Nemesis Specialisation Shot
Nemesis is an unlockable specialization class for the Adept and Vanguard. A biotic who uses their abilities to damage and weaken their foes, the Nemesis gains bonus damage to all biotic abilities, and is granted improved versions of Lift and Warp. Improved Lift increases its radius, and improved Warp increases its radius and damage done per second.

Talent Level BonusesEdit

Bonus: Increases duration and damage of biotic abilities
Rank Bonus Notes
7 4% Stacks with Adept/Vanguard bonuses.
8 6%
9 8% Increases Warp's radius by 2m and damage per second by 25%.
10 10%
11 12%
12 14% Increases Lift's radius by 4 m.

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