Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Nalesh

Nalesh is a medium system with four planets and two asteroid belts.


Gesaimo is the third planet orbiting the star Nalesh.

Main article: Gesaimo


Rahere is the second planet orbiting the star Nalesh.

Main article: Rahere

Starship WreckageEdit


  • Ship ident: Nexus 45-12
  • Ship name: "Nightingale"
  • Crew complement: 12
  • Status: Destroyed
  • Survivors: 10

An emergency medical ship staffed with medical technicians, the Nightingale was dispatched to a far-flung mining station, but was lost along the way. Survivors who reached escape pods believe it was a kett attack, but there is no corroborating evidence to be found in the wreckage.


Suiorna is the fourth planet orbiting the star Nalesh.

Main article: Suiorna


Tijorana is the first planet orbiting the star Nalesh.

Main article: Tijorana

ZK Tracker Signal ShuttleEdit


  • Initiative personnel transport
  • Ship ident: Encrypted
  • Status: ERROR

This vessel is not listed in any Nexus manifest, despite clearly being an Initiative vessel. All systems are encrypted in the same manner as Dr. Kennedy's ZK-Tracker satellites.

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