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“You're all talk Jorgal Strux! I made this colony!”

Nakmor Morda is the leader of Clan Nakmor and the Overlord of the New Tuchanka colony on Elaaden in 2819.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Morda was instrumental in helping to quell an uprising on the Nexus after Director Jarun Tann decided to awake her from cryosleep. Tann appointed Assistant Deputy Director William Spender to handled the recently awakened krogan, and reached a deal with Morda: for their help in controlling the uprising, they would be given a seat on the newly-formed Council. Morda accepts the deal and several of her best warriors are also taken out of cryosleep.

Nakmor soldiers are sent to rescue Security Director Sloane Kelly from Calix, the leader of the insurgency. The Nakmor warriors are able to route the rebels and Calix was killed during their retreat. However, Sloane, who was willing to offer an advisory position in the Nexus leadership to Calix due to the way his people looked up to him, disapproved of Tann's decision.

Following a faceoff between key members of the Nexus leadership team, Morda confronts Tann in Hydroponics to demand the reward of a council seat that Spender promised. Tann was unaware of the deal up until that point and reneges on it, claiming Spender wasn't authorized for such a deal in the first place. Although Tann argues that Spender will be "reprimanded" for the error, the turn of events infuriates Morda. Tann is only protected from the krogan's wrath by Nakmor Kesh, who stands between him and her clan leader.

Kesh barely talked Morda out of declaring war with the entire Nexus due to the reneged deal. When some krogan voiced enthusiastic support for bloodshed, Nakmor Drack rebukes them with a powerful punch and a withering glare. As an alternative, Kesh proposed to Morda that the krogan follow the rebels into exile. Morda accepted Kesh volunteered to stay aboard the Nexus to ensure the krogan aren't entirely without allies in the Heleus Cluster.

Fourteen months after the Nexus' arrival in Heleus, Morda is pitted against Pathfinder Ryder by Jorgal Strux over a Remnant drive core, with both parties convinced the other wanted to use the drive core to create a bomb. Ryder managed to find the drive core at the Flophouse and returned to New Tuchanka to expose Strux's treachery. Strux, harboring an old grudge of how his father joined Clan Nakmor for admiring Morda's grandfather, becoming shamed by other krogan, then admitted his ambition to undermine Morda and become the new overlord. Morda bested Strux in combat and banished him and his underlings from the colony. Afterwards, if Ryder gives Clan Nakmor the Remnant drive core, they allow the Initiative to create an outpost at their colony and rebuild their alliance, otherwise New Tuchanka remains independent.

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