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Nakmor Kesh is the Superintendent of the Nexus and member of Clan Nakmor. She is part of the core team of station engineers who built the Nexus. Her contributions during the mission include station upkeep and ensuring all facilities remain in working order. Kesh calls herself the fixer-in-chief on the Nexus, and according to Nakmor Drack, she is the only reason that krogan still have some say on the Nexus. She is trusting of the human Pathfinder because the Hyperion helps keep the lights on.

Kesh is the adopted granddaughter of Drack.[2]

Mass Effect: AndromedaEdit

Kesh played an instrumental role in preventing krogan aggression from destroying the Nexus. In the aftermath of a reneged deal between Assistant Deputy Director William Spender and Nakmor Morda, Kesh was able to convince Morda to lead the Krogan into exile. Morda successfully established the New Tuchanka colony on Elaaden, while Kesh remained aboard the Nexus to ensure that her people retained a voice in the fledgling project.

Kesh eventually gives birth to a healthy clutch of krogan infants.

References Edit

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