Krogan betrayal
By all accounts, William Spender is a difficult man. But there is reason to suspect that the Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs is actively working to undermine the krogan. Drack has asked you to investigate Spender's activities.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Drack after he joins Ryder's crew following A Better Beginning. Ask him about the Nexus uprising to learn about his belief that Spender was partly responsible for the event.

Walkthrough Edit

Find Spender on the Nexus Edit

When Ryder first arrives back on the Nexus after obtaining Drack as a squad member, you may overhear a conversation between Spender and a salarian technician named Del Jasin. Spender berates the salarian for incompetence and making frivolous requests for parts to fix the air filtration system on the Nexus. After Spender leaves, Ryder can ask her if Spender is always such an abusive supervisor which she affirms. Del suggests that Ryder undermine Spender's reputation with the Nexus leadership in order to get him removed.

Talk to Kesh Edit

Find Kesh in her office; she'll reveal that Spender has gained the favor of the Nexus leadership but she believes he might be communicating with the exiles. She suggests speaking with Kandros to obtain the proof of his betrayal.

Speak with Kandros Edit

Speak to Kandros and let him know you're investigating a possible link between Spender and the Nexus uprising. He'll note that there were some discrepancies but that there hasn't been time to dig deeper to find answers. He'll give you access to the video archives.

Review Nexus security footage Edit

Unfortunately, the security footage is corrupted, and there isn't anything definitive about Spender's actions that prove he is guilty.

Confront Spender Edit

Speaking to Spender, he denies any wrongdoing and warns Ryder off further investigation. At this point the mission is put on hold until Ryder can locate the planet mentioned in the security footage (+530XP).

ON HOLD: Locate the planet mentioned in security footage Edit

After landing on Kadara, the next objective becomes active.

Talk to SAM on the Tempest Edit

SAM has discovered more about Spender and gives a navpoint for further investigation.

Investigate Spender's Kadara connection Edit

Anti-vehicle mines are detected when approaching the navpoint, causing SAM to suggest proceeding on foot. The outlaws realize the Pathfinder is coming and believes that Spender must have blabbed. They try to escape, but a shuttle leaves without them. Defeat the remaining outlaws.

Search the hideout for cluesEdit

On a datapad is a message to Spender from someone named Aroane.

Paper Trail
To: William Spender
From: Undisclosed Recipient


We received your supplies, but I'm not sure how you expect us to keep pressure on the krogan. It's half of what you promised. Maybe we can throw rations at them?

I'm starting to think trusting you was a bad idea. Have you even used that scrambler I gave you? I bet it's just lying around your quarters or something.

You've got a title. That means power. Use it.


Evidently, Spender has been sneaking Nexus goods to the exiles. SAM concludes that the scrambler could explain the destroyed files on the Nexus' security system.

You receive 29 AVP and +2% Kadara viability.

Search for a scrambler in Spender's roomEdit

Upon entering Spender's room, SAM says he can't "see" part of the it. If you try to scan, SAM says that there is some interference, and that Ryder must manually investigate.

There is a model ship on a shelf to the left that was declared missing from inventory months ago. Ryder can choose either to take it for themselves or bring it back to the Nexus inventory.

The logs in the room reveals how Spender has been undermining the Nexus' activities. There are also supplies that were previously reported missing.

SAM can't analyze the scrambler, so Ryder decides to let a comms expert look at it.

Talk to the Comms OfficerEdit

He is standing next to Addison in Operations on the Nexus. During the conversation you can choose whether you are open or secretive with what you know.

It's a scrambler for sure, and they are illegal, because they can hack through any security.

Ryder asks the Comm Officer to get some solid evidence for who has been using it. He'll let Ryder know when he has found something (this will happen in the follow-up mission Nakmor Drack: A Future for our People).

Ryder get notified about a new email and the next objective becomes active. The email is about the follow-up mission, and there is no need to read or acknowledge it.

Speak to Drack on the TempestEdit

Something important has been stolen from a krogan outpost. When the conversation is over, the mission completes, and the follow-up mission Nakmor Drack: A Future for our People starts.


  • 1330 XP
  • 73 AVP


The issue with Spender continues later on.


Datapads found in Spender's room.

A Formal Letter to Tann
Director Tann,

I am writing to request an official review of Nakmor Kesh's suitability as Nexus superintendent.

The krogan indeed helped suppress the mutiny by those we now dub "exiles." However, given the krogan's conduct during the uprising, and their decision to leave the Nexus after their requests for more authority were denied, it is not hard to see Kesh's current position as a conflict of interest.

I understand it may be politically beneficial to keep a krogan on staff, for optics if not diplomacy. But for one of them to hold the power of a superintendent, given their brethren's negative opinion of us, is frankly playing with fire.

It is my opinion, as an experienced public servant, that Kesh should be placed in a role where she can do less damage. Perhaps in charge of archives.

William Spender
Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs

Nexus Report on Krogan Colony
Colony Name: New Tuchanka
Location: Elaaden
Estimated Population: 700+ (about 1,200 krogan came to Andromeda)
Key People: Nakmor Morda (leader), Jorgal Strux (potential agitator), Nakmor Drack (Initiative freelancer, grandfather of Nakmor Kesh)

The colony is thriving by krogan standards. They are storing water and have enough to be self-sufficient. They have time for entertainment. There is a fighting pit. A distillery. Even a greenhouse, where they appear to be growing plants in an attempt to sustain the colony long-term. This is spearheaded by a botanist named Vorn.

The krogan built their colony into the side of a sinkhole. Some construction materials were apparently taken from the Nexus. Other materials are locally sourced. The compound is heavily guarded and it is difficult to get in unless you are a krogan.

Supplies Ready for Shipment
- Medical Supply Crate x2
- Ration Crate x5
- Map
- Toy Pistol x2
- Surveyor Camera
- Battery Cells x6
- 2,000 Credits

Messages found on Spender's terminal.

RE: Advice for Aspiring Community Leader
To: Sal Taylor
From: William Spender


I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me. I'm always happy to give advice to junior colonists interested in a future in politics.

My advice is my father's. Just before I shipped off to Andromeda, he said: "Always help the little guy, but also help anyone with their boot on that little guy's neck."

To get to where I am, you have to try to please everyone. This will ensure you'll always be right with someone.

William Spender
Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs

Air Filters
To: William Spender
From: Nakmor Kesh


Del Jasin told me you denied her request for properly functioning air filters? Do you realize how important it is to keep our staff healthy and working? I can't understand why you'd try to block this. It's getting to the point where I need to talk to Addison about your conduct.

I'm sorry, but this is getting ridiculous.


RE: RE: Air Filters
To: William Spender
From: Foster Addison


Come see me. We need to talk.


RE: Paper Trail
To: Undisclosed Recipient
From: William Spender


For someone so paranoid, it's funny that you'd title your email "Paper Trail" and sign it with your own name. Why not just "Evidence"?

Of course I've held onto proof of our agreement. You're an exile, aren't you? I need some leverage for when you finally decide to turn on me.

No one's finding anything. I doubt anyone even cares to look.



  • Well before this mission is unlocked you can hear various Nexus personnel complaining about Spender in ambient dialogue.