Krogan betrayal
By all accounts, William Spender is a difficult man. But there is reason to suspect that the Assistant Director of Colonial Aaffairs is actively working to undermine the krogan. Drack has asked you to investigate Spender's activities.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Drack after he joins Ryder's crew following A Better Beginning. Ask him about the Nexus uprising to learn about his belief that Spender was partly responsible for the event.

Walkthrough Edit

Find Spender on the Nexus Edit

When Ryder first arrives back on the Nexus after obtaining Drack as a squad member, you may overhear a conversation between Spender and a salarian technician named Del Jasin. Spender berates the salarian for incompetence and making frivolous requests for parts to fix the air filtration system on the Nexus. After Spender leaves, Ryder can ask her if Spender is always such an abusive supervisor which she affirms. Del suggests that Ryder undermine Spender's reputation with the Nexus leadership in order to get him removed.

Talk to Kesh Edit

Find Kesh in her office, she'll reveal that Spender has gained the favor of the Nexus leadership but she believes he might be communicating with the exiles. She suggests speaking with Kandros to obtain the proof of his betrayal.

Speak with Kandros Edit

Speak to Kandros, let him know you're investigating a possible link between Spender and the Nexus uprising, he'll note that there were some discrepancies but that there hasn't been time to dig deeper to find answers. He'll give you access to the video archives.

Review Nexus security footage Edit

Unfortunately the security footage is corrupted and there isn't anything definitive about Spender's actions that prove he is guilty.

Confront Spender Edit

Speak to Spender, he denies any wrongdoing and warns Ryder off further investigating. At this point the mission is put on hold until Ryder can locate the planet mentioned in the security footage (+530XP).

Aftermath Edit

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