Drack wants to have a drink or ten at his favorite bar in Kadara Port. A night on that kind of town with this kind of krogan could be interesting.

Acquisition Edit

Starts automatically upon the completion of Nakmor Drack: A Future for our People.

Walkthrough Edit

Read Email From Drack Edit

Read the email from Drack.

To: Ryder
From: Drack

Hey kid,

Now that we've got the transport back, maybe let's take a load off.

Swing by Kralla's Song next time we're in Kadara Port. The bartender's getting to be a friend of mine. She'll mix you up something that'll strip paint.


Meet Drack At Kralla's Song Edit

Head to Kralla's Song in Kadara Port on Kadara.

Ryder will begin by noticing a human slumped on the floor. Drack explains that one of his friends wanted the human to challenge Drack to a headbutting contest.

A pirate will then bump into Ryder roughly and want to start a fight.

The fight then breaks out and combat ensues. After the fight, Ryder and Drack will discuss not telling Nakmor Kesh about this over a drink. Ryder can choose either way but there are no consequences.

Aftermath Edit

When Ryder returns to the Tempest Nakmor Drack: How to Act Tough starts.

Rewards Edit

  • None