Drack sent a strange email, asking you to meet him on the Nexus. He won't say why.

Acquisition Edit

  • This mission can only be acquired if you decided to save the Krogan instead of the Pathfinder near the end of the Priority Op Mission Hunting the Archon.
  • This mission can be acquired after completing Epilogue: Home and Away, and by acknowledging an email found in your email terminal titled "Some good news". The alternative is to just skip the email and go to Drack directly on the Nexus, as described in the walkthrough.

Walkthrough Edit

Read email from Drack (Optional) Edit

This is simply done by acknowledging the email titled "Some good news" at any email terminal on the Tempest.

Meet Drack on the Nexus Edit

You will need to find Drack on the Nexus, which is pretty easy. Go to the second level of the Docking Bay, and head towards the Nexus apartments. You will want to open the first apartment on your left, and the next scene will play with you walking into Dr. Carlyle telling Drack and Kesh that everything is going well. When you step in, he will ask if he can watch the secret being revealed to Ryder. From there, you will be able to respond accordingly to the "secret".

After this short dialogue, Kesh will explain that they're Krogan children, and that this is very exciting for them. Drack responds by saying that they are anxious for the future, but that Ryder will be included in that future. Depending on how you respond, Kesh and Drack will either respond saying that you won't be the only godparent, or by saying that Drack will teach the Krogan children everything about what it means to be a Krogan, just like Kesh was taught. The mission is marked as completed at this point, but there is one more step...

Once you return to the Tempest, you will see another email from Drack titled "Future out here". Give it a read, and prepare to witness the closest anyone's ever been to seeing a krogan cry.



Emails Edit

Email to Ryder titled "Some good news"

To: Ryder
From: Drack

Hey kid,

Been thinking about how much we've been through since I came aboard. We nailed Spender. And the Archon. Survived a whole mess of things.

It's about time I let you in on a little secret. Something good.

Meet me on the Nexus and don't tell anyone.


Email to Ryder titled "Future out here"

To: Ryder
From: Drack

Bear with me for a second. An old krogan's about to get emotional...

Not long ago, I honestly wondered why I'm still alive. There were so many times I almost bit it. A lot of those times I deserved to.

Somehow I kept living. Living so long it's easy to feel like nothing matter anymore, beyond maybe the smile I get spotting a new scar in the mirror.

But when I see all we've done out here: Kesh's clutch. Meridian. Suddenly, the life I've burned and blown through has a real point. A reason to groan outta my bunk again and again: We're making everyone else's lives a little more worth living.

Thanks for helping me see that, kid.


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