This is Drack's loyalty mission.

A krogan transport containing an essential seed vault was stolen from their colony on Elaaden.


Starts automatically upon completion of Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal.


Speak with Hark at the greenhouseEdit

He is in the krogan colony on Elaaden. He has tracked the stolen ship to one of Elaaden's moons. Ryder has to use the Tempest, because the krogan ships don't have stealth capability. You also learn it was possible for the Nexus exiles to steal the ship.

When you answer "We're ready" the mission on the moon starts, and you have an opportunity to change the loadout.

Reach the krogan transportEdit

Defeat the the defenders to get inside the facility. In the first room is Aroane and some of his crew. That means Spender is involved, and that's how Aroane got the codes to steal the ship, Drack concludes.

Aroane runs away, leaving his raiders to fight you.

Later on, when you have cleared the passage by lifting some rubble, you hear the krogan botanist Vorn over the comm. He was in the ship when it was stolen and is now hiding in a container, but it seems the bandits have found him. At the same time the transport ship is powering up. Drack decides that the team go for Vorn first and then the transport ship.

Rescue VornEdit

It takes some jumping to get to him.

On the way you run into Aroane again. Before he retreats he says to Drack that stealing the ship just was the first step to destroy everything he cares about.

Upstairs you will find the shipping crate Vorn is in and can let him out.

Secure the krogan transportEdit

After taking an elevator up to a platform Vorn is ordered to prevent the docking clamps holding the ship from being released. Defeat several raiders having two Hydra mechs.

Release the docking clampsEdit

Use the console where Vorn is standing. Then Aroane sneaks up behind Vorn holding a gun to his head. Vorn surprises him with one of his botanic experiments - it's dangerous for all except krogans. Then you have to decide whether you have some use for Aroane or not.

With all house cleaning done you take off with the transport, and land safely in New Tuchanka.

Drack is naturally satisfied, but also wants to nail Spender to the wall.

The objective completes:

  • You receive 73 AVP and +5% Elaaden viabitity.
  • Drack's rank 6 skills are unlocked.

Return to Nexus controlEdit

It's time to settle things with Spender.

After you have entered the Commons Area the Communications Officer calls on the comm saying he has decrypted the transponder. There is incriminating evidence against Spender.

Review evidence against SpenderEdit

Use the Security Footage terminal to access the evidence and inspect it in more detail.

Speak with Drack on the NexusEdit

He has been waiting for the moment to put a stop to Spender for more than a year. At the meeting with Addision and Kandros he tries make himself look like a victim, but no one believes that. The evidence indicates he has caused the Nexus great damage.

You decide whether this mess is on Addison or Spender. You decide whether Spender shall be sent to prison on Nexus or be exiled.

Drack makes Addison promise to support the krogans when they want to negotiate for better terms with Nexus. "We will do it right this time", she says.

The mission completes, and Nakmor Drack: Knock 'em Down starts.


Drack's rank 6 skills are unlocked.


1330 xp, 73 AVP (plus 73 AVP and +5% Elaaden viabitity earned during the mission).

Bugs Edit

  • All companions will have a X5 Ghost equipped during cutscenes, no matter what gear they normally have.
  • Ryder will have a X5 Ghost equipped during some cutscenes.
  • Severak guards will not appear in the area before you reach Vorn's container, the container door, and Vorn will not appear inside the cargo container, requiring a mission restart.

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