Description Edit

The Valiant is a sniper rifle tested by Alliance soldiers during a series of harsh survival exercises on the planet Kruljaven. This streamlined weapon employs a sophisticated fire-control system that improves accuracy by stabilizing the barrel during targeting. Although this comes at the cost of reduced capacity and rate of fire, most soldiers find the increase in precision and quick reloading time a worthy tradeoff.

Acquisition Edit

The N7 Valiant is included in the N7 Collector's Edition Pack as a bonus item for players who order the Collector's or Digital Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect 3.

E-mail: N7 Weaponry Edit

From: Lt. D. Eugene

Commander Shepard:

Your VI, EDI, put in a request to me for a handful of N7-grade weapons. Happy to oblige. I led the engineers who retrofitted the Normandy when it was turned over to the Alliance. EDI kept me company when we were overhauling the Normandy's interior. She's a beautiful ship, Commander. I'll miss working on her.

I left the guns in your weapons locker.

Best of luck,
Lieutenant D. Eugene
Alliance Engineering Corp.

Player Notes Edit

  • The N7 Valiant has very low recoil, much less than that of other multi-shot sniper rifles. The Valiant can accurately hit on target with speed and efficiency.
  • The Valiant is accurate enough to fire effectively from the hip. This allows the user to hit enemies from cover without use of the scope however damage is reduced slightly.
  • The Valiant's rate of fire is fast enough to discharge all three rounds before the duration of Tactical Cloak has elapsed.
  • The Valiant works excellently with a Concentration Mod: with the time dilation for each shot, you can land quick headshots with a relatively rapid rate of fire and quick reload. The mod also gives a significant damage bonus. Combining that with a spare ammo or Extended Barrel mod makes the Valiant a fantastic sniper rifle for lower difficulties and a versatile one for higher difficulties.

Trivia Edit

  • The N7 Valiant can be seen held by Commander Shepard on the back of the Mass Effect 3 case.

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