Description Edit

The N7 Piranha is an assault shotgun designed for the Reaper war. When the N7 program began training alien resistance forces, the lighter-bodied species wanted a low-recoil weapon with a wide pellet spread for dealing with hordes of husks. The result was the Piranha, which hit a sweet spot in close-range firepower. Its rapid-fire capability tears apart not only husks but most opponents unlucky enough to be in its way.

Acquisition Edit

The N7 Piranha is available after downloading the Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack.

Player Notes Edit

  • The N7 Piranha can be devastatingly powerful, especially if the damage or fire rate is bumped up through powers. Its potential is limited to the close-range game, however, as the weapon suffers from a very steep damage reduction at longer ranges.
  • The recoil on this weapon is very easy to control, requiring little to no correction.
  • The Piranha is fully automatic, and can chew through ammo quickly if the player is not careful.
  • When aiming down sights, instead of the typical shotgun's circle reticle you will see cross-hairs like that of other weapon classes. The cross-hairs will give the player a spread covering almost the entire screen. Firing from cover can remedy this.
  • Because of the spread of the N7 Piranha, it is not a bad idea to fire without aiming down sights, since the accuracy and recoil of the weapon are very forgiving. The damage done to a target will usually be enough to stun them, giving you the perfect opportunity for a salvo of follow-up shots.
  • However, a Shotgun Smart Choke will drastically narrow the pellet spread, making it somewhat more viable for mid-range combat, especially against large targets such as Atlas mechs and Brutes.
  • The N7 Piranha at level I is more powerful than the M-23 Katana X with matching mods. A Vanguard armed with this weapon is one of the most deadly forces on the front lines. Using a Biotic Charge to stagger an opponent will buy you enough time to empty the clip and run back for a reload before the opponent recovers, if they survive the first clip.
  • Weighing in at 1.5 times the Katana X's weight, it still leaves space for a light sidearm. Having one is a must as six (standard) clips go amazingly fast with the Piranha's fire-rate.