Suvi has offered to make snacks for Liam's movie night but needs specific ingredients.

Acquisition Edit

After rescuing the Moshae Sjefa from the kett facility, Suvi sends this email:

About Liam's Movie Night

To: Ryder
From: Suvi

Dear Ryder,

I heard what Liam's planning. It seems like a great idea, even if things are unsettled at the moment. I'd love to help out. Stop by when you can?


Go and talk to Suvi. She thought about getting some snacks for the movie and has found an angaran recipe that she believes will make good snacks. However, it requires a local Heleus plant that is hard to find.

Walkthrough Edit

Find A Plant On Aya For Suvi Edit

Purchase a Tavarv Plant from Yevth the General Goods Merchant in Aya on the Docks for 10 Credits.

Return The Plant To Suvi On The Tempest Edit

Speak to Suvi who says she knows a way to jazz it up.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP (doesn't show on screen)
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