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Disambiguous This article is about Morality in Mass Effect Infiltrator. For Mass Effect, see Morality Guide. For Mass Effect 2, see Morality Guide (Mass Effect 2). For Mass Effect 3, see Morality Guide (Mass Effect 3).

This page is intended to explain the morality system in Mass Effect: Infiltrator and show the action triggered by Paragon and Renegade decisions made by the protagonist. These actions are also similar to the interrupts system present in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 as they allow Randall Ezno to take direct, often physical, action at certain moments of the game. A sound will play upon performing an interrupt. Performing a Renegade interrupt will play a metal "gong" sound. Performing a Paragon interrupt will play an uplifting hum. Unlike the classic interrupt system of the main games, the choice is not optional and you have an unlimited amount of time to make your decision.

Ice Giant Edit

Capturing the target on the Ice Giant (Checkpoint 4):

Paragon Interrupt Randall nudges the fallen turian with his foot and tells him, "No hard feelings, pal."
Renegade Interrupt Randall kicks the fallen turian and slams him with the butt of his rifle while calling him, "Scum."

The Barn Edit

Randall Ezno faces an unarmed and scared female Cerberus employee in the Medical Bay (Checkpoint 2):

Paragon Interrupt Randall spares the Cerberus employee, and tells her, "Leave."
Renegade Interrupt Randall kills the Cerberus employee, and tells her, "Everyone dies."

A Cerberus employee takes an asari test subject as hostage in the Medical Bay (Checkpoint 3):

Paragon Interrupt Randall kills the Cerberus scientist, frees the asari hostage, and tells her, "Go!"
Renegade Interrupt Randall kills both the Cerberus scientist and the asari hostage, and says "You're done."

Randall faces an unarmed and scared Cerberus Engineer in the X1 Wing (Checkpoint 3):

Paragon Interrupt Randall spares the Cerberus employee, and tells him, "You're lucky."
Renegade Interrupt Randall kills the Cerberus employee, and tells him, "Everyone dies."

Desert Planet Edit

After the final fight, the modified Inali Renata, Randall's former friend and handler, is now badly wounded on LV426, the Desert Planet (Checkpoint 1).

Note: The player cannot choose this final decision. It is based on your morality at the end of the game:

Paragon Interrupt Randall spares Inali Renata.
Renegade Interrupt Randall kills Inali Renata.

Notes Edit

  • Randall Ezno does not really gain Paragon or Renegade points but your actions are still calculated by the game.
  • The facial scars and biotic colors of Randall Ezno will change according to the choices you make. Renegade choices will turn them red, and Paragon choices will leave them the traditional blue.

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