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The way Morality and its choices works has completely changed in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The Paragon and Renegade system has been left behind for a more realistic and subtle alternative. The developers at Bioware felt that players were too often deciding to make a Paragon or Renegade choice for their character based on a predetermined personality, regardless of the context of the conversation.

Players who are experiencing a Mass Effect or even a Bioware story-driven game for the first time, need to understand that the dialogue wheel rarely says what the player will actually say. The snippets are meant to give a general 'tone' of the answer and the actual dialogue will often be much more complex. While guessing the conversation based on the snippet is usually safe, there will be occasions where the conversation will take an unexpected turn, or not be what the player assumed at all. A reload to a previous save or checkpoint may be the only way to change a dialogue choice. Save often.

The new system will still determine the character's overall personality, but the result will not be as cut and dry as before. There are now four dialogue choices on the wheel instead of two. These are:

  • Professional - Bottom Right- Basic more on what the job requires, rather than how the character would feel about it.
  • Emotional - Top Left - Players listen to their hearts rather than their heads, even if it breaks the rules.
  • Logical - Top Right - What makes the most sense. Thought of the pros and cons.
  • Casual - Bottom Left - Yeah, ok. Whatever. Possibly doesn't care, or feels their opinion is irrelevant.

While there are four choices, some dialogue wheel choices may have less available.

Investigate still exists as it did in previous Mass Effect games. Its position on the wheel can vary but will always be identified with a question mark in the center of the wheel. The purpose of Investigate is to help the player gather more information prior to making a dialogue choice. Asking an Investigate question will not affect the morality of the player character, but may prompt further discussion with the NPC, leading to alternate dialogue choices.

The interrupt system also remains but may not have the same black or white morality effect on the personality of the character as before. They are impulse actions that will likely affect the outcome of the current situation. Additional information on how exactly this will work in-game is still limited.

Information on personality types as a result of the new dialogue choices and how it now affects gameplay is also still limited, pending release.