Professor Herik from the Nexus tech labs has asked you to make a home for a young pyjak aboard the Tempest. This mission is only available in the Deluxe or Super Deluxe editions of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Acquisition Edit

Once Ryder has access to the Tempest, read emails to find one from Professor Herik. Acknowledging the email will add the mission to the Journal.

Walkthrough Edit

Pick Up The Pyjak From The Nexus Docking Bays Edit

After reading the email from Professor Herik, travel to the Nexus Docking Bay and investigate the northern corner near the general merchant. Ryder will find a container labeled Pyjak. Examine the container to continue the mission.

Visit The Pyjak On The Tempest Edit

When Ryder returns to the Tempest, the pyjak will already have escaped from its cage. Find and interact with it to complete the mission.

The pyjak can thereafter be found in various locations around the ship and each interaction will trigger dialogue from one of the crew members.

Rewards Edit

  • Pyjak (The pyjak becomes a permanent fixture aboard the Tempest.)