News of missing scentists has come from the Voeld outpost.


After settling the outpost on Voeld, there is an email from Priya Blake, the captain of the outpost Taerve Uni, titled Problem on Voeld. There is an issue she wishes to discuss. The mission starts when speaking with her.


Some drill technicians have gone missing on a research expedition to the west, and they are not responding over comm. Blake asks you to find them.

Search lab for clues regarding missing scentistsEdit

SAM extracts a navpoint from a datapad.

Go to navpoint of final transmissionEdit

There is a crashed vehicle.

Search area for cluesEdit

The vehicle obviously has collided with an eiroch, now dead on the ground. Also on the ground are the corpses of some of the missing crew. The causes of death are electrical shock and internal damage caused by a long-range Remnant weapon. There is a datapad nearby with a log.

Audio Dictation Log: Ella Menkov
We're nearing the sample site. Seismic activity seems unusual, but we have a lot to learn about this planet.
Entering the valley. This doesn't seem normal. Brynn, you're sure this is safe?
We've passed several eirochs, but they're all running away from the valley. I don't like this. Mesgen, let's turn back.
Shaking's getting worse. This activity is off the charts. We're coming up to the--what the hell is that? Its--
Mesgen, turn around! Go, go!
Oliver's hit! It's shooting right through the hull--go faster! I don't care!
Oh god, Oliver's not going to make it. Keep driving! We have to get back to the--


It also has a navpoint.

Follow scientists' planned pathEdit

The navpoint leads to a large camp, where there is an Architect hovering overhead.

Defeat Remnant ArchitectEdit

This fight is a little tougher than the other Architects because it takes place in extreme cold (Hazard Level 2). The buildings and platforms have solar heaters, so make use of them.

Destroy the three leg conduits and the head conduit.

You get 2660 xp for destroying the Architect.

Interface with the Architect headEdit

You receive 400 AVP and +10% Voeld viability.

Don't forget to loot the container; you get a Remnant data core for Task: Remnant Data Cores.

Speak to Priya BlakeEdit

Scouts have already informed her of Ryder's encounter with the Architect. She feels that she failed the science team by sending them out so far, but at least her people are safe now.


  • 1330 XP


The defeated Architect is floating in Voeld's atmosphere: "Architect Husk: Voeld". It can be looted from the Tempest using the Galaxy Map (50 Remnant research data).

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