You came across some people living in a hut; they are acting strangely and babbling nonsensically. Investigate the cause of their odd behaviour.


In a house in the eastern badlands of Kadara you find an asari, a krogan, and a salarian speaking nonsense. The only one with any coherence is the salarian. He is speaking of some mysterious "them" who are behind all this, but he can't remember anything, except that they left a datapad. After speaking with him, the mission starts.


Examine the datapadEdit

The datapad is on the floor near the salarian.

Observation Log
The krogan and asari show no signs of neural disruption. Their patterns remain entrained.

The salarian shows signs of resistance with occasional breaks in pattern. Will likely need to adjust for salarian physiology.

To be on the safe side, entry code has rotated to 9XA2.

It seems someone is using them for an experiment.

Scan the peopleEdit

Scanning the unfortunate three reveals unusual neural patterns and an outside interference signal. SAM locates a navpoint for the source of the signal.

Locate the source of the mysterious signalEdit

It comes from a nearby building. Inside are two scientists.

Speak to the scientistsEdit

They say it's an experiment, and that no physical harm has been done. They used to work for an organization called Cerberus, but they left when the boss prioritized spending money on the Lazarus project to resurrect the dead.

Note: These are references to the Cerberus organization and the leader Illusive Man in the three original games of the Mass Effect series - especially Mass Effect 2.

The two scientists are doing a mind control experiment on the three exiles, connecting their brains to each other. It has gone so far that the exiles are dependent on the signal to function.

Alter the mind control signalEdit

You are given three options:

  • Walk away (letting the experiment continue).
  • Turn the signal against the scientists, which will likely have some negative effects on the three exiles.
  • Change the signal to ease the victims' situation and lock the system against further changes.

Once you decide what to do, the mission is complete.


  • 270 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • +2% Kadara viability

Terminal messagesEdit

Record of Termination
We always have to remember: when somebody tells us "no," that just means we're on the right track. Narrow minds who lack imagination can't be allowed to hold back the geniuses. Let's never forget we scared him...

To: Cognitive Applications Group
From: Illusive Man

Despite a direct order from Miranda Lawson, you continued your research into unauthorized neural research. We already have methods that show great potential for mental control over large groups of people. Your particular avenue of inquiry is unnecessary. Effective immediately, your services will no longer be required and your position within Cerberus is terminated.

The Concept: A Biological Computer Network
The most powerful computer in existence remains that of the biological brain. Our research will prove out the concept of mental entrainment of a subject's mind at a distance via electromagnetic manipulation. Once "entrainment" is achieved, multiple subjects can be linked together such that their minds will form a network of vast computational capability.

Potential Applications
Once the dreams of a living neural network is achieved, the possibilities are staggering. Evolution has shaped the mind of each species in unique ways, providing a "baseline programming" that artificial intelligence from the ground up could never hope to match.

For example: krogan mental abilities are evolved toward war and conquest. Or salarians are adapted to complex scientific considerations. The possibilities are limited only by the species we find.

Further, by wielding control over multiple subjects in parallel, we can unleash awesome computing potential unrivaled in the history of technology. Imagine what linking a million asari minds together could accomplish?

Location of Experiment
Research Note: We've located the perfect site for experimentation on live test subjects. Kadara's "badlands" offer unsupervised access to unwitting test subjects free ffrom any lawful or ethical constraints. We've managed to get ourselves banished to the territory and smuggled our equipment out. We've gathered test subjects from several species in a single location and will commence Phase 1 testing immediately.

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