Having made contact with the angara, their trust must be gained in order to meet the Moshae and access the vault on Aya. Either Voeld or Havarl may be a good place to start.

Alternatively, if Helping Havarl's Scientists is completed first:
You have earned the angara's trust on Havarl, but more can be done to establish a relationship on Voeld.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is acquired as part of A Trail of Hope on the Tempest.

Walkthrough Edit

The objectives for this mission change depending upon Ryder's choice to go to either Havarl or Voeld first.

  • Havarl First - Travel To Voeld, Speak To Commander Do Xeel, Speak To The Lookouts.
  • Voeld First - Travel To Voeld, Aid The Angarans On Voeld, Locate The Resistance Commander, Speak To Resistance Lookout.

The substance of the mission doesn't change. The only changes are whether or not Ryder already knows the personnel on Voeld. The walkthrough below is structured to Ryder going to Voeld first (Ryder doesn't know the personnel).

Travel To Voeld Edit

Travel to Voeld in the Nol system on the Galaxy Map.

Aid The Angarans On Voeld Edit

Solar heater

Land on Voeld - the intended Habitat 6. The temperature on Voeld is below -52°C (-62°F). This is a Level 2 Cold Hazard so Ryder will need to run to the Angaran Resistance Base to get to safe temperatures before Ryder's life support is depleted.

After a while Ryder will reach a Solar Heater. Standing close to these heaters recharges life support. Heaters are placed all over Voeld.

Inside the base, the temperature is -30°C (-22°F), and this temperature is considered as safe. Ryder's life support won't deplete. Forward Stations also provide safe zones.

To make life support last longer, it is advised to use the consumable Backup Life Support.

At the start of the base, there are several Resistance Cruisers that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange. Between the two cruisers on the left, next to some angara, there is a small crate with two Isharay rifles. The rifles can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.

Locate The Resistance Commander Edit

Find Anjik Do Xeel in the Resistance base and talk to her. Asking about the front lines will give Ryder an option to find recruits for the Resistance, though this is not followed by the Journal and no option is given to actually follow up on this request.

Before leaving to find the lookout, Ryder can pick up three other missions: Intercepted, Medical Caches, and Task: Nomad Shield Crafting.

Speak To Resistance Lookout Edit

Outside the base, talk to Beniska and Tseek. After the conversation, this mission completes, and Ryder automatically receives Eyes on the Ground. The nearby Forward Station is also activated.

Rewards Edit

Mission Mechanics Edit

  • Of the two options that the mission text suggests - Voeld or Havarl - Havarl is the quickest to complete.