The doctor at the Voeld Resistance base needs the emergency medical supply caches around Voeld to be restocked, so that injured fighters and civilians can tend to their wounds and improve their chances of survival in the harsh wasteland.


Speak with Dr. Harihn in the medical bay of the Resistance base.


Collect the suppliesEdit

The supplies are in the crates near Dr. Harihn.

Drop off the medical supplies (0/3)Edit

Go to the locations marked on the map and drop the supplies there.

  • The easternmost of the map markers is relatively out in the open, made obvious with a flare amongst crates. After placing the supplies, a group of Chosen and Wraiths ambush the team.
  • The westernmost marker is among the Eroesk ruins, on the upper levels. Next to the cache, there is an injured angara named Yeda, who can be talked to briefly.
  • The southernmost marker is at the entrance to the big kett facility which you will enter during the mission Remove the Heart. There is a dead angara next to it.

When you have dropped off all of them you receive 1330 XP.

Report back to the doctorEdit

Naturally he is grateful and says you have saved many lives today. He's set aside some supplies for you from one of their shipments.


  • Incendiary ammo
  • Cryo ammo
  • Shield capacitors
  • Backup life support / Cobra RPG
  • 1330 xp received during a previous objective.

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