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Medi-gel (medical gel) is an all-purpose medicinal salve combining an anaesthetic and clotting agent used by paramedics, EMTs, and military personnel, produced by the Sirta Foundation. It heals various wounds and ailments, instantly sealing injuries against infection and allowing for rapid healing by having the gel grip tight to flesh until subjected to a frequency of ultrasound. It is sealable against liquids - most notably blood - as well as contaminants and gases. Technically its properties make it illegal under genetic modification laws, but the restriction, in this case, is ignored because of the product's beneficial properties.

Mass EffectEdit

Medi-gel for Shepard and the squad can be gained from looting or as a reward from killing their enemies. It can also be replenished from aid stations, from the SSV Normandy's medical bay, at the Med Clinic on the Citadel, or (if available) the apartment on Intai'sei. At various shops one can purchase upgrades that allow more medi-gel to be carried (up to a maximum of 10 units).

Using medi-gel involves a 60 second cooldown period which can be shortened with high-grade omni-tools and/or the Medicine talent. The amount of health restored on medi-gel can be increased with the First Aid talent, and the Medic specialization allows medi-gel to revive fallen squad members.

Mass Effect 2Edit

In 2185, medi-gel is no longer used in the same way. A new self-healing system (see Codex "Body Armor"), managed by the armor suit's microframe computers, automatically uses small quantities of medi-gel when required in order to slowly regenerate your squad members' health (as long as they are not taking damage). Massive doses (corresponding to the medi-gel units Shepard can acquire) can be injected to revive allies. Medi-gel initially is used only to revive fallen squadmates, but research upgrades allow medi-gel to be used to restore the health and shields of all squadmates as well.

Medi-gel is acquired through opening aid containers or wall-mounted aid stations. Shepard can research upgrades which allow the Commander to carry additional medi-gel units. Shepard can initially carry up to 3 medi-gel units; this can be upgraded to a maximum of 9 medi-gel units. If Shepard opens a medi-gel container while carrying the maximum number of medi-gel units, the medi-gel will be salvaged for a total of 100 credits.

Each time a medi-gel is utilized to revive fallen squadmates, one is used per fallen squadmate. However, if both squadmates are knocked out and the player only has 1 medi-gel remaining, the use of that single medi-gel will revive both squadmates at the same time.

Mass Effect 3Edit

Similar to how it was used in 2185, medi-gel in 2186 is used to revive squadmates and to restore health to Shepard in the single player campaign. Shepard only regenerates missing health from the current health bar they are on.

Medi-gel is no longer directly necessary to revive injured squadmates, as Shepard can go to their location and revive them manually by standing in place near the downed squadmate and activating the revive. This method is exactly the same as the multiplayer revival method.

Instead of getting credits for surplus medi-gel found on missions, however, Shepard now receives experience for salvaging it. Med-kits contain 2 medi-gels, while med-stations may contain more.

Medi-gel is available in a limited capacity to self-revive soldiers after being downed when fighting across the galaxy, but cannot be used if a Phantom, Atlas, Brute, Banshee, Scion or Praetorian performs their combat execution maneuver.

Using a medi-gel during an extraction in multiplayer will NOT grant Full Extraction unless the player has completely exited the revival animation.

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