Matriarch Lidanya is the commanding officer of the Destiny Ascension, an asari dreadnought and flagship of the Citadel Fleet in 2183.

During Saren Arterius' attack on the Citadel, Matriarch Lidanya orders the evacuation of the Council when she realizes that the station is no longer responding to commands, specifically the command to close the arms for the safety of the civilian population. While intended for its protection, the evacuation of the Council nonetheless places it in jeopardy when the Destiny Ascension sustains heavy damage from the geth fleet and the Reaper known as Sovereign.

If the Alliance Navy reinforcements refrain from assisting the Ascension, it is destroyed, thereby killing Lidanya and everyone on board.

Trivia Edit

  • Possibly due to developer oversight, Matriarch Lidanya is switched with the Destiny Ascension navigator during the first cutscene for the Battle of the Citadel.

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