Matriarch Ishara is the asari Pathfinder of the Andromeda Initiative.

After Ark Leusinia arrives in the Heleus Cluster, it immediately comes under attack from the kett. During one battle, Matriarch Ishara is left alone while holding off a kett attack. Her bodyguard, Sarissa Theris, steals a data module from the kett containing a map of routes through the Scourge. Ishara begins to falter and begs Sarissa to aid her, as required by asari honor and Sarissa's position as bodyguard, but Sarissa refuses, knowing that abandoning Ishara will disgrace her but believing the data module could help the Leusinia escape the kett. Ishara is killed as a result. Sarissa becomes the new asari Pathfinder and lies about Ishara's death, saying there was no chance to help her.

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