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Blasto with guns
Blasto is a multi-pistol-wielding hanar gunslinger with a dark past, a heart of platinum, and the tendency to shout, "Enkindle THIS!" in combat. He is known as the galaxy's first hanar Spectre, and as of 2186 has 7 movies made of his adventures, with an eighth in pre-production. Vids of his exploits are commercially successful, breaking box-office records at times and spawning all sorts of merchanise despite criticisms of political incorrectness. Blasto has been credited with saving the galaxy numerous times, stopping nefarious evildoers like krogan mad scientists, diplomatically-immune vorcha, Reapers, and if the upcoming film is to be believed, even bioweapons like the genophage. Described as having a lover in every port, Blasto has no problem charming whichever females he desires be they sisters of co-workers or even fellow Spectres. more...

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