Mass Effect Andromeda Annihilation
Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation is a novel written by Catherynne M. Valente, published by Titan Books. Released on November 6, 2018[1] in US, Canada and UK stores, it is the third of the planned line-up of titles set in the Mass Effect: Andromeda universe.[2] [3] Originally planned to be released in 2017, the author has stated that the premise of the novel had not changed since its first announcement in 2016. [4]

The novel is also available in audiobook form. It is narrated by Tom Taylorson, the voice of male Pathfinder Ryder and Scott Ryder.[5]


The novel's plot "chronicles the journey of the Keelah Si'yah as it carries 20,000 drell, elcor, batarian, and quarian colonists to Andromeda. A pathogen is discovered aboard the ark after many drell are found dead in their cryo pods. As the pathogen jumps species, the ship's systems begin to fail, making it clear this is no accident."[6]

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