The Mass Effect 3 Online Pass is DLC that allows the player to access the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 on consoles.[1]

Activation Edit

The Online Pass consists of either a redeemable code included with all new copies of Mass Effect 3, or is purchasable through the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network. Once activated, the player can then access Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. The Online Pass does not expire.

Pricing Edit

The Mass Effect 3 Online Pass is included free with all new copies of Mass Effect 3 and the Mass Effect Trilogy, and is also available for download separately at no additional cost.[2]

Prior to May 30, 2013, when EA terminated its Online Pass program, the Mass Effect 3 Online Pass cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 or $9.99 USD on PlayStation 3 to download separately.

References Edit


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