Mass Effect: Initiation is a novel written by N.K. Jemisin and Mac Walters, published by Titan Books. Released on November 28, 2017, it is the second of the planned novels set in the Mass Effect: Andromeda universe.


The official prequel to the hit video game Mass Effect: Andromeda. Lieutenant Cora Harper joins the Andromeda Initiative, a mission to send a fleet of colonization arks to the Andromeda Galaxy, each carrying a different council race. When key data is stolen by unknown parties, Alec Ryder personally recruits Harper to retrieve it before it can be used against the Initiative. If she fails, the Andromeda mission may be crippled before it begins. Harper is a human who has trained with the asari squad known as Talein's Daughters, under the direction of Nisira T'Kosh herself. Yet her training may not be enough when she discovers that she can trust no one-perhaps not even Ryder himself.[1]

References Edit

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