Eos is experiencing seismic activity. Altering the tremors with a survey hammer might allow better irrigation for Prodromos.

Acquisition Edit

Ryder will receive an email on the Tempest.

News from Eos
To: Ryder
From: August Bradley


I could use your help with something Hainly's working on. I don't fully understand, so I'll let her explain it. She'll brief you when you get here.

August Bradley
Leader, Prodromos

The mission can be acquired from Hainly Abrams in Prodromos. Hainly will be marked with aMEA New Mission Map Iconwhen the mission is available. Acquiring this mission may require talking to her multiple times to clear out some dialogues which are tied to main mission progression.

Dialogue with Hainly will be different depending on whether or not Ryder has defeated an Architect before.

Walkthrough Edit

The purpose of this mission changes based on whether Pathfinder Ryder has encountered an Architect before:

  • If Ryder has defeated an Architect, then the purpose of placing the hammers will be to lure out the Architect.
  • If Ryder hasn't encountered an Architect yet, the seismic hammers will be used to investigate unknown seismic activity.

Either way, when Ryder has placed the three seismic hammers, the Architect will appear.

Place The First Seismic Hammer Edit

Go to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconin the Fairwinds Basin. It's not required to defeat the kett forces in the area before placing the hammer but will help with the upcoming Remnant battle.

Place the first seismic hammer. Once the hammer is placed, Remnnant forces will come up from the ground. Defeat the Remnant forces.

Ryder will receive XP for killing the enemies.

Place The Second Seismic Hammer Edit

Go to the next navpoint west of the Sawtooth Plateau. When Ryder arrives at the navpoint, there is a group of strangers calling for Ryder's attention.

Investigate The Strangers At The Site Edit

The strangers are exiles from the Nexus, and the scout informs Ryder that they are a group belonging to the new and independent nation named Advent. The strangers want Ryder to drill for natural gas rather than for water, because the latter will harm their settlement.

After finishing speaking with the strangers, two navpoints appear (both are west of the Sawtooth Plateau). Ryder can only do ONE of the objectives (the other objective will show as failed):

Place The Second Hammer To Drill For Water Edit

Drill for water by placing the second hammer, which might destroy the Advent settlement.

Remnant enemies will emerge from the ground.

(Ryder WILL receive XP for defeating the remnant forces that appear)


Place The Second Hammer To Drill For Natural Gas Edit

Drill for gas by placing the second hammer, which might harm the environment on Eos. On the other hand, Prodromos can trade gas for water with the Advent.

Remnant enemies will emerge from the ground.

(Ryder WILL NOT receive XP for defeating the remnant forces that appear)

There are no known major consequences for either option so it doesn't matter which one is chosen.

Place The Third Seismic Hammer Edit

Go to the navpoint to the east in the Sawtooth Plateau and place the third seismic hammer. The Architect appears.

Defeat The Remnant Architect Edit

Take Down The Architect Edit

Defeating the Architect is a four phase fight: destroy the three leg conduits and finally the head conduit.

The Architect has devastating weapons so keep moving to avoid getting hit. The Architect also spawns Remnant forces in waves.

Refer to the Architect page here for detailed tactics on taking down this impressive enemy.

Follow The Architect Edit

Clear Out The Remnant Edit

Destroy Conduits (0/3) Edit

Destroy Head Conduits Edit

Ryder receives +2660 XP for destroying the Architect.

Interface With The Architect Edit

When the Architect is defeated, interface with its head. The Architect will fly off into orbit. This completes the mission.

Ryder receives +530 XP, +400 AVP AVP icon, and +10% Eos viability.

Looting the Architect container Ryder receives:

Aftermath Edit

Ryder can return to Hainly Abrams for some feedback. Depending upon Ryder's choice of water or gas for the second hammer, the conversation will change accordingly.

The defeated Architect is floating in Eos's atmosphere: "Architect Husk: Eos". It can be looted from the Tempest using the Galaxy Map (+50 Rd icon remnant orange).

Rewards Edit

  • None