Macen Barro is a male turian and the Pathfinder aboard the turian ark Natanus.

Background Edit

Born on Palaven and a decorated engineer in Blackwatch, Macen Barro was touted by the Hierarchy to be a shining example of a turian citizen. There were concerns among Initiative leadership about whether or not he would leave his comfortable life behind to become the turian Pathfinder, but Macen was eager—so long as he could name his replacement: Avitus Rix, a former Spectre. Internal emails and screening interviews state Macen and Avitus met in the field and suggest that their relationship may be more than platonic.

Macen Barro left the Milky Way aboard the turian ark Natanus in 2185.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Upon arrival in the Heleus Cluster, the Natanus struck the Scourge, causing massive damage to the ship and multiple casualties among the turian occupants. Macen died while attempting to transfer SAM to his second-in-command, ex-Spectre and security officer, Avitus Rix. Because of this, the transfer failed and corrupted the AI's processes while it tries everything it could to comply to Macen’s last orders to reach Avitus and get the ark to its destination, including ejecting stasis pods.