MSV basic freighter 1 SLI

Location: Milky Way / Maroon Sea / Caspian System

Prerequisite: Feros

Description Edit

The Cornucopia is a Kowloon Class modular conveyor of human design. While obviously adrift, the Cornucopia is not broadcasting any distress call.

Registry: ExSolar Shipping, Sol

Assignments Edit

Mass Effect Edit

The Cornucopia was near the Perseus Veil when its crew discovered an artifact that apparently brainwashed them. They set a course toward the Veil, but there's no record of how the ship got back into human territory.

The derelict carries a cargo of dragon's teeth. Its crew have been all transformed into husks.

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, in the map screen and save files, the Cornucopia is called 'Tarrus IV'.

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