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Codex ME2 - Missile Launcher
ML-77 Missile Launcher
Type Heavy Weapon
Location Normandy SR-2
Accuracy High
Recoil Low
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Fire Rate 80 RPM
Reload Time N/A s
Damage Stats
Base Damage 350
Damage Multipliers Armor x1.25
Shields x1.25
Barriers x1.25
Ammunition Stats
Shots Per Clip N/A
Maximum Spare Ammo Capacity Default 15
Armor Pack 16
Upgraded 17 - 28
Both 18 - 30
Ammo Pickup Amount 6

The ML-77 Missile Launcher is a heavy weapon in Mass Effect 2.

Description Edit

Rapid-fire missile launcher with seeking projectiles. Effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers.

Missile launchers are surfacing with increasing frequency among the Terminus Systems mercenary bands, but their origin is unknown. Each projectile features a friend-or-foe recognition system, ensuring it will find a hostile target -- though not necessarily the one in the crosshairs. In urban situations, it is useful for taking out snipers and other entrenched enemies, so it is popular with the Blue Suns mercenary band. It is nearly impossible to duplicate, as it uses Fabrication Rights Management (FRM) technology.

Acquisition Edit

Unlocked at the Normandy research station after one Heavy Weapon Ammo upgrade has been researched. Costs 5,000 iridium.

Player Notes Edit

  • A general-purpose weapon, very useful in some situations.
  • The homing nature of the ML-77's missiles also makes indirect fire possible; precise aiming or line-of-sight is not required to hit a target. This is especially useful for fighting large, heavily-armed enemies such as Gunships or YMIR Mechs which can deal considerable damage to an unprotected player and often move around.
  • Missiles do take some time to reach their target so time shots appropriately.
  • While each missile deals only moderate damage, the ML-77 can carry more than twenty missiles when fully upgraded and can fire them rapidly.

Trivia Edit

  • The ML-77 Missile Launcher is featured in the Mass Effect 2 Official Cinematic Trailer.
  • The comment in the weapon description which points out the weapon's Fabrication Rights Management (FRM) technology may be a reference to digital rights management (DRM), a controversial set of measures which is employed to inhibit uses of digital content that are not desired or intended by the content provider.
  • In Mass Effect 3, the ML-77 was originally intended to be available for the player, as many pre-release gameplay videos show Shepard using it, but data still remains on the game's code in the form of spreadsheet statistical data and other heavy weapons that were cut. Because of this, it only appears in the hands of Geth Rocket Troopers.

See Also Edit

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