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Several research firms spent a considerable fortune trying to redesign the Widow sniper rifle. Their goal was to retain the geth weapon's considerable firepower while reducing its recoil, so that the gun could be fired without breaking a nonsynthetic's arm. After much trial and error, one company finally produced a usable model rolled out to the galactic market.

Acquisition Edit

The M-98 is found during Priority: Thessia on the ledge with the asari sniper. (It is purchasable from Kassa Fabrication post-mission if it was missed.)

Player Notes Edit

  • The M-98 Widow is a viciously powerful sniper rifle capable of killing most unprotected enemies in a single shot at any range, regardless of which body-part is targeted. It is ideal for situations where breaking cover to fire for more than two seconds can be fatal. Its inherent ability allows it to penetrate thin cover or barriers and pierce multiple enemies in a single shot if lined up correctly.[1]
  • As a single shot rifle with a low rate of fire, it must be reloaded after each shot before reacquiring your target so make each shot count; or risked being overrun by enemies. Adrenaline Rush, Operational Mastery, and the Concentration Module allow the Widow to hit moving targets with ease due to their time-dilation effect.
  • Animation-cancelling reduces reload time by approximately 50%.
  • Ammunition for the unmodified Widow is even more scant than the M-92 Mantis. Equipping a Spare Thermal Clips modification and/or taking an Ammo Capacity evolution is recommended until the Widow can be fully upgraded, though this only lessens the problem. The Extended Barrel and Piercing Mod are recommended to make sure that the player maximizes damage with each shot.

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