Description Edit

The M7-Lancer [sic] is a rare collector's item that was introduced shortly after the First Contact War. The Lancer has been refurbished by an unknown master weaponsmith, and it now uses the higher velocity rounds of today's weaponry. It does not need heat sinks, instead utilizing weapon heat-generation from an earlier era. Few of these finely crafted weapons are in existence.

Acquisition Edit

With Mass Effect 3: Citadel downloaded, the M-7 Lancer can be obtained during the mission Citadel Archives: Escape. It is found in a display case on the capsule containing information on the First Contact War.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Lancer works similarly to the Particle Rifle. It has a finite magazine size but has unlimited reserve ammo, and it will overheat after a magazine is emptied. It will regenerate its magazine while it is not being fired.
  • An Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade will provide between 16-32 extra rounds, giving the rifle a greater sustained fire before pausing to recharge its magazine. This means that at weapon level 10, the Lancer can have a 102 round magazine with the level 5 magazine mod.
  • The Lancer fires in a similar manner to the M-8 Avenger, but has greater damage and recoil. The Stability Damper mod will help bring its accuracy more in line with the M-8 Avenger.
  • Take care to not allow the magazine to run down to zero, since its somewhat lengthy overheating animation forces a break in using powers or running.
  • The Lancer is among the lightest assault rifles in the game; its weight is identical to that of the Avenger. Pair this with its unending ammo supply, and it makes a good weapon for classes focused on using powers on a regular basis.
  • The Lancer is very powerful, especially in the hands of a Soldier. Using Disruptor Ammo along with damage enhancing armor pieces, Weapon Mods, and Adrenaline Rush, it is even possible to take down an Atlas without recharging ammo on Insanity. Another class that can do this is an Infiltrator using the Marksman bonus power from cloak and Disruptor Ammo.

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