Description Edit

The M-5 Phalanx is the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project, a close-in weapon to be used with no loss of stopping power in comparison with a soldier's assault rifle. The Phalanx enjoys a ballistics advantage over most heavy pistols. Civilian variants are often purchased by colonists on planets that have particularly dangerous big-game animals.

Acquisition Edit

The M-5 Phalanx is found during the mission Priority: Tuchanka at the top of a long set of stairs right before you head into the Maw Hammers. (It is also purchasable from Kassa Fabrication post-mission if it was missed.)

Player Notes Edit

  • Unlike the Phalanx in Mass Effect 2, the version available in Mass Effect 3 is not equipped with a laser sight, features a much higher rate of fire, and has twice the magazine capacity.
  • The Phalanx also now does less damage than the M-6 Carnifex.
  • Because of its moderate damage, very high accuracy, and good rate of fire, the Phalanx is a very flexible pistol. It fires almost as quickly and at the same distances as the M-3 Predator, with a slight "action delay."
  • This can be a good sidearm for players who want to use their powers frequently due to its balanced nature and light weight.

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