Description Edit

The Argus is a high-powered rifle favored by senior C-Sec officers. An excellent close-range weapon, its bursts of fire ensure ammunition conservation during lengthy conflicts. Other law-enforcement agencies across the galaxy are adopting the Argus as their standard rifle, as much for its intimidation factor as its suppression power.

Acquisition Edit

Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-55 Argus is categorized as rare.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Argus rifle's three-round burst firing mode experiences substantial vertical climb. To combat this, either install a recoil compensating modification or pull the rifle's aim down during the burst. The latter, when executed carefully, can make the weapon relatively accurate.
  • As with other high-recoil weapons, the Argus benefits greatly from the accuracy bonus granted when shooting from cover.
  • Despite its burst fire mode, the Argus fulfills a very different role to the M-15 Vindicator. Whilst the latter is effective at executing precise headshots at medium to long ranges, the Argus is most definitely NOT a long range weapon, and far more suited to taking down hardened units in close combat.
    • Note also that the rifle's fire rate is substantially slower than the Vindicator's, both in burst refire time and the interval between individual shots.
    • When a strong stability mod and the stability bonuses from Turian Veteran or high-level Barrage Upgrade are taken, however, accuracy will match that of the Vindicator. The Argus has higher base damage and better stopping power, but more weight.
  • Damage is also higher than that of the Mattock, this in a sense makes the Argus a harder-to-control, burst fire version of the Harrier.
    • The higher damage makes it benefit significantly from either barrel mod, but especially the piercing barrel, where it gains significant anti-armor capabilities and penetration potential. If combined with the piercing mod as well, the Argus will become a very proficient weapon against most foes. Just watch your fire, as your shots may go all over the place if you dont control your trigger finger.
  • When paired with a Turian Soldier specced to weapon damage/accuracy and paired with Marksmanship/accuracy, you can make the Argus relatively accurate at range and still have room for piercing and barrel extension mods. This combination gives you an accurate heavy-hitting and fast-firing weapon that can snipe across the map when fired from cover. On the other hand, if you change Marksmanship to rate-of-fire you can fire off three shots comedically fast and might be able to hit your target before your gun remembers to recoil.

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