Description Edit

As kinetic barriers have grown in popularity, so has the popularity of submachine guns. Manufactured by the Elkoss Combine, the Shuriken Machine Pistol fires six-round bursts with a high rate of fire.

Acquisition Edit

The M-4 Shuriken is automatically given to Adepts and Engineers at the beginning of Priority: Mars. Otherwise, it can be found on a dead soldier in the security station. (It is not purchasable from a shop if missed during the mission.)

Player Notes Edit

  • The Shuriken is a lightweight weapon, so it's useful for those who like to use their powers regularly. Its main strength are its six-round bursts, which allow it to do serious damage at close range if most of the shots are to the head. It also has a reasonable accuracy level at close range, has a fast burst fire rate, manageable muzzle climb, and moderate rate of fire overall.
  • If the Shuriken is not used in cover, its recoil is quite high, meaning you could miss several shots in a burst if not adequately aimed.
  • However, the Shuriken is surprisingly accurate when fired from cover, allowing for a full burst of headshots at short to medium ranges.
  • One of its major weaknesses is its low damage level. This can make it difficult to employ on higher difficulties.
  • The Shuriken can be modded with Ultralight Materials to reduce its weight down to a minimum of 2% weight. This can allow another lighter weapon to be combined with it such as the Disciple, Avenger or Katana and still maintain a high level of power usage.
  • The Shuriken has a faster reload speed than other SMGs, meaning you can get back into the fight with minimal down time.
  • The SMG Recoil System makes the Shuriken a very precise weapon, making it easy to consistently land headshots on enemies from a great distance.
  • The Shuriken does not possess its hidden feature in Mass Effect 3, which is to continuously fire as long as the player repeatedly taps the trigger button rapidly.

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