Description Edit

The Hornet is a long-range submachine gun created by Cerberus. It is standard equipment for Cerberus troops, who are trained to handle the recoil from the gun's three-round bursts. Cerberus designed the Hornet to conserve ammunition and provide cover-fire during prolonged conflicts.

Acquisition Edit

Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-25 Hornet is classified as rare.

Player Notes Edit

  • When fired from the hip, the Hornet's recoil is easy to compensate for by lowering your aim while pulling the trigger. Coupled with the extreme accuracy of the gun, it allows for precise fire while moving, making the Hornet very effective for run-and-gun tactics.
  • Similar to other high-recoil weapons like M-15 Vindicator, the Hornet's muzzle climb is half again as bad when zoomed in. Taking cover significantly reduces the recoil, allowing you to take advantage of Hornet's accuracy for long-range fire without as much hindrance. The recoil is still noticeable and needs to be compensated for, if you wish to land all three bullets precisely at the same place.
  • The Hornet has a lower clip capacity than other SMGs, which makes precision even more important. However, this is offset by a very quick reload speed. Adding a heat sink or a magazine upgrade allows for nearly continuous fire.
  • Alongside the N7 Hurricane, the Hornet is one of the few SMGs that are moderately effective against armor due to high damage per individual shot. Coupled with its high damage rate, and the fact that most armored targets are easy to hit, the Hornet is a decently effective anti-armor weapon.
  • The SMG Recoil System weapon mod added in the Earth DLC is a godsend to players who enjoy the Hornet. Even low levels of the mod have a very noticeable effect on the gun's recoil - rapid-firing bursts from cover is gratifyingly precise and firing aimed bursts while on the move becomes progressively easier as higher levels of the Recoil System are obtained. With the Recoil System equipped the Hornet becomes a superb all-purpose weapon that performs well in most any situation the player finds themself in. However, the only weakness to this is that the Ultralight Materials mod cannot be equipped at the same time, leaving power based classes at a disadvantage.