Description Edit

The Lieberschaft 2180 shotgun, or "Eviscerator," is of human civilian design and has a unique ammunition generator. Where most modern firearms slice chips or pellets from an ammunition block, the M-22 shaves off serrated metal wedges designed to fly aerodynamically. This dramatically improves its armor-piercing capabilities, and its tight grouping ensures lethality at longer ranges than standard shotguns. This design violates several intergalactic weapons treaties, so the M-22 is not distributed to militaries.

Acquisition Edit

The M-22 Eviscerator can be found during the mission Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation, behind the barricade after the classroom. A second upgrade can sometimes be found in the security room unlocked by David Archer, if he was rescued in Overlord. (It is also purchasable from Batarian State Arms post-mission if it was missed.)

Player Notes Edit

  • While it does more damage than the M-23 Katana and the M-27 Scimitar, the Eviscerator has a slower fire rate and a smaller clip.
  • The one noticeable trait is that it is one of the lighter shotguns in the game. It weighs less than the Katana with the sacrifice of less ammunition, both in the clip, and on reserve. This weapon can still be used with a power-dependent class with a great deal of flexibility, especially when fully upgraded. Its higher than average damage, combined with a fair clip size, good accuracy, and lightweight statistics makes the Eviscerator quite possibly the most versatile shotgun, toting a good deal of strengths with only spare ammo and rate-of-fire being real weaknesses. While it weighs a bit more than the Disciple, the Eviscerator does more damage and has a faster reload speed, making it superior at close-quarters for power.
  • Despite the description, the weapon does not have innate armor- or cover-piercing abilities.

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