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Planet View
Orbital Distance 23.27 AU
Orbital Period 112.6 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 0.994
Radius 66,341 km
Day Length 18.6 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity N/A
Mass N/A
Satellites N/A

Location: Milky WayAttican BetaTheseus System Fifth planet

Prerequisite: Priority: Tuchanka (Mass Effect 3)

Description Edit

Logan is a standard hydrogen-helium gas giant. The survey team who charted the system twenty years ago reported many strange disturbances in Logan's cloud bands, suggesting many remarkably large solid objects were present beneath the cloud tops. As the ship approached, however, they subsided one by one. These disturbances have not been reported again.

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