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ME3 Lieutenant Kurin
Lieutenant Kurin
Asari Lieutenant
Voice Actor
Laura Bailey[1]
Mass Effect 3
Lieutenant Kurin is an asari lieutenant stationed on the asari homeworld of Thessia during the Reapers' assault on the planet in 2186. A descendant of a long lineage of skilled warriors, Kurin and her troops are tasked with holding a position near the ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Athame as the Reapers lay siege to Thessia.

Amidst the heavy fighting with Reaper ground forces, Commander Shepard arrives on the site, providing much-needed fire support for Kurin and her soldiers when their barrier emplacement is damaged. Once the onslaught of Husks and Brutes is stemmed, Kurin orders her subordinates to reinforce the weakened barrier while she speaks with Shepard. With losses mounting, Kurin was on the verge of ordering a retreat and pulling her troops out prior to Shepard's arrival, and with no information on Shepard's mission but the Commander's name, she isn't inclined to change her assessment. However, Shepard—together with squadmate and Thessia native, Liara T'Soni—is able to convince Lieutenant Kurin of the importance of their mission to recover an ancient artifact from the Temple of Athame in stopping the Reapers' invasion of the galaxy. If Javik is in the squad, he is able to sense her fear and exhaustion and encourages her to keep fighting. Either way, Kurin is convinced of the importance of finding the artifact and commands her soldiers to hold their positions, and radios orders to support Shepard.

Shepard's team eventually reaches the Temple of Athame, aided along their embattled path by Kurin's troops, though they fail to recover the artifact they sought due to the intervention of Cerberus and the pro-human group's operative, Kai Leng. With the fight against the Reapers growing worse for the asari, Kurin attempts to send out a call for information on Shepard's progress. However, communication difficulties due to the Reapers' presence do not allow Shepard to respond to the Lieutenant's pleas, and soon after, a Reaper allegedly touches down near her location, bringing a sudden end to her transmission.

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