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Lieutenant Durand
Lieutenant Durand
Alliance Lieutenant
Voice Actor
Grey DeLisle
Mass Effect
Lieutenant Marie Durand is the acting commander of the 14th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, Alliance 10th Frontier Division on Nepmos. She sends a mayday asking for assistance when she and her men are attacked by hostile lifeforms.

After landing on Nepmos, Commander Shepard meets Durand at the listening post. She is tough-talking but exhausted after resisting sustained attacks by rachni. To Durand, it does not matter that these 'animals' are actually a sentient species, as they are still extremely dangerous. She co-ordinates her remaining forces and holds the line with the help of Shepard's squad.

After they fight off several waves of attackers, Durand learns that the main rachni nest is deep underground, though she is reluctant to send Shepard to destroy it alone. If the Commander has not been there already, Durand also asks Shepard to check the other listening post in the Acheron system, as it has dropped out of contact. Shepard can also tell Durand about Depot Sigma-23 if it has been investigated already.


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