Liam thinks it's time for something "familiar," like a day out on Aya. He also mentioned "getting your eyes on something," but wasn't specific about what he meant.

Acquisition Edit

This side quest is obtained while on board the Tempest after having completed the priority mission A Trail of Hope and the prompted conversation with Liam about what he brought to Andromeda. After completing both, talking to Liam after this on board the Tempest will prompt a conversation with Ryder that they need some down time on Aya.

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Liam at the Tavetaan on AyaEdit

Talking to Liam at the Tavetaan, he will ask Ryder to look around and scan supplies that could be useful. He advises Ryder to take a stroll around the marketplace.

Scan the hostile vendor's goodsEdit

When scanning the supplies belonging to a hostile vendor in the marketplace, however, a security guard will prevent Ryder from acquiring the data from the scan, prompting Liam to express his frustration over the comm and asking Ryder to come back to the Tavetaan.

Talk to Liam at the TavetaanEdit

Talking to Liam again will prompt a conversation saying that Ryder is safe out of sight, as to which Ryder expresses confusion in regards to the situation. Liam then explains that the scans were used as an attempt to find data provided by Verand that would help food yields at Initiative outposts, but he called them off to avoid conflict. He also reveals that he wanted to obtain angaran methods of survival, and how he was blocked by them and the Nexus when wanting to share information.

Ryder can then either say it's not a big deal or express frustration at being blindsided towards Liam's actions, which yields the response that he didn't intend to get either side angry and that he doesn't blame them. The conversation then ends with Ryder and Liam agreeing to leave the marketplace alone and to not push their luck, thus concluding the mission.

Reward Edit

270 XP.

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