Liam has arranged something special on Eos "for everyone". Travel with him to the meeting spot near Prodromos.

Acquisition Edit

Talk with Liam on the Tempest after the completion of Hunting the Archon. Liam says he has a surprise and invites Ryder to a social event on Eos.

Walkthrough Edit

Go With Liam To Prodromos Edit

Head to Prodromos on Eos. Interact with a navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconfor "Liam's Surprise" to start a cutscene.

It turns out that Liam has set up a game of soccer (football) for the crew. Ryder and Liam talk about Liam's past in the refugee camps.

Ryder can inquire about why this wasn't made to be a bigger deal and Liam will respond that this is just for the crew.

Ryder then joins the game

If Ryder has flirted enough with Liam before, there will be different dialog and an opportunity for commit to the romance.

The mission ends after the conversation.

Rewards Edit

  • None