Liam needs help with something.

This is Liam's loyalty mission.


The next time you return to the Tempest after completing Liam Kosta: Day out on Aya, there is an email from Liam. The mission starts automatically.


Read email from LiamEdit

Didn't want to send this.
To: Ryder
From: Liam


I need your help with a thing. A big thing. Can't go into it in a message, and you're not going to like why. But I can explain.

Come talk to me.


Speak with Liam on the TempestEdit

Approaching the door to Liam's room, you overhear him talking to August Bradley from Prodromos. Upon confronting him, he admits that he screwed up.

Liam's contact in the angara, Verand, and her group has suddenly gone missing. Liam asks Ryder for help with a rescue. He says he was trying to help the Initiative people fit in in the angaran world, so he gave Verand the Nexus' navpoints and data. If pirates have taken her and interrogate her, or give her to the kett, the Initiative could be jeopardized. He has also asked Bradley for help, explaining the conversation you overheard.

Go to the debris field in the Sephesa SystemEdit

When you are embarking on the mission, you get a chance to change your loadout; note that manual saves are disabled.

Liam has a plan to locate the scavengers. The team hides in a derelict cargo container in the debris field. A ship picks it up, and when they exit the container they discover they are in the cargo bay inside a kett ship. However, scavenging isn't the kett's modus operandi. An alarm has activated. The team overhears an angaran voice.

Sweep the cargo bay for enemiesEdit

It is not the kett, but instead a bunch of raiders. Once all enemies have been defeated, someone named Calot calls over the comm, ordering the raiders to report what's going on.

Use the comm to find out who's in chargeEdit

Calot turns out to be an angara, apparently the head of a group called the Talon Wings. It seems they have salvaged the kett ship and are using it for their piracy operations. SAM is still unable to precisely detect the team through the debris field.

Fight to the cargo bay exitEdit

More raiders arrive; fight them off. Liam notices that some of the things there are from Verand's outpost. The exit door is locked, making Liam get more frustrated and lose his temper. Using the console to open the door brings up Calot. The conversation ends with Calot venting the cargo bay.

With impeccable timing, Bradley from Prodromos shows up with a team and seals the doors. They cause a power surge on the ship, shifting artificial gravity. Calot is furious. Ryder's team goes searching for the captives, while Bradley's engineers work on a fix for the gravitation.

Search the ship for captivesEdit

The loss of the gravity field has made everything in the ship jumbled. The layout is essentially sideways. A lot of climbing and jumping is required to move around in the ship.

Head through the path forward to reach a dead end. Going up, break through a vent and continue upwards. Take down another vent to find a big multi-level room with more raiders in it.

Once the enemies are defeated, Bradley's crew is heard over the comm. They need some scans done and help from SAM so they can lift the lockdown on the ship.

Find and scan the control hubEdit

The control hub is in an alcove high up behind some bent pipes. Jumping down makes it easier to see where the navpoint is located. The scanning result shows that Calot has rerouted the power, and it should be easy to fix; just two consoles need to be accessed.

Activates consoles to give the engineers accessEdit

To fix this, Ryder has to activate two consoles. One of them is near the door, with two logs.

Systems: Talon Operational Override: Calot Gurting
Transcription (Angaran):


...decommission their junk into stars, but the radiation here must have cooked it, took it off course. I'm getting power! So what if half of it is irradiated; that's still a hundred times the ship we had. Yeah, you're right. We could get a lot if we sold it. Then go back to scavenging, like animals.
(Weapon fire.)
Or we use it to kill everyone who ever looked down on us. You with me? Then just fix the top three malfunctions. That's all I need. For once, I'm getting power.


Vessel Regarikas III Restart Report
Translated from Tonaizhet:

.......||....|.||...|||.||..||..Restart Record
Status: Decommissioned
Failure: Life support
Failure: Drive core
Failure: Weapons
Failure: External sensors
Failure: Internal sensors
Fail... ABORT

On the other console, near where you entered the room but on the ground, are more logs on what the pirates have been doing.

Navigation: Talon Operational Override: Calot Gurting
(Kett control interface grafted with angaran components.
Detecting angaran shuttle protocols.)

Data Override: Kill record:
--Yarrajn dead. Paid him back for kicking me out of his little trading group. Wish I could've seen his face. Paused for surrender, then rammed him. Lost aft control.
--Deyr Vonag dead. His stupid group was always too good. Never knew my name. Won't know it now. Using weapons strained core.
--??? dead. Who was this? Don't care. Threatened to shoot his crew if he didn't fix the unshielded core. Shot anyway.

Talons moaning about needing workers. Fine, now it's a collection record:
--Dace + crew. Aliens. Good with their hands. Maybe ransom. Need grav control.
--Verand + crew. Heard of her. Ransom. Repairs first.

Data Override: Trade record:
-Salvage run. Need plating.
-Trade cancelled. Fixed thrusters.
-Trade cancelled. Fixed thrusters.
-Trade cancelled. Ship has to work!

Bradley's team now has access to cameras. They see the captives; it's more than just Verand's crew, Calot has already been taking Initiative members.

Fight through to the captivesEdit

Gravity is shifting on the ship. Now the ceiling is the floor. The available door leads back to the cargo bay.

Liam spots a route that was previously blocked. Climb up to the crane controls and activate them. The crane is moved, and now can be used to climb up to the exit door. Pirates move in through the door first, however, so fight them off.

The next room encountered is a passage with snipers and some adhi beasts. After that follows a room where you have to fight two Hydras, but luckily they have trouble moving around because of the mess created by the gravity shifts.

Note: To spawn assault turrets in here, aim for objects that are not part of the ship's structures, e.g. crates or mineral deposits.

Talk to the captives through the commEdit

Interacting with the console near the door, Cameron Dace answers. She and the others belong to a trading ship out of Kadara. Verand is there too, and assures Liam that Calot hasn't asked any questions. They are all being held as a labor force.

To get out, the door to the captives has to be opened, but it lacks power. It has to be turned on from Ryder's side.

Send power to the bulkhead doorEdit

To get to the console that controls the door, you have leave through the open side door and climb up.

The bulkhead door is constructed to open by using its own weight to go down into the floor when it is unlocked. That won't work now because the ship is upside down. The engineers will reverse the gravity when the door is powered.

Go through the passage and climb up to reach the console. Using the console opens the door, and the floor is the floor again.

While Bradley evacuates the captives, Ryder has to put an end to the pirate leader.

Stop Calot from being a threatEdit

On the way to Calot's location, there is a terminal with a kett log from when they arrived in Heleus.

Vessel Regarikas III Arrival Log: Heleus
Translated from Tonaizhet:

Reporting: Restorian
We awoke to the new cluster, and stars clouded with the (Scourge). There is life, but also machines. The Archon says there is worth beyond what we see. The Archon knows what is best. We will deploy, and grow as we always have. This loyal vessel is no longer fit for travel. The long dark between clusters and the sudden impact means it is too costly to repair. The kett know to move forward. Decommissioning begins. Always forward.

Data Storage: Talon Operational Override: Partial
(Transcription overlapped by two unknown speakers, one angaran, one possibly human)
Log begins:
--Have you finished fixing it yet?
--It's a complicated ship. I've never seen it--OW!
--Head down until it works! Calot doesn't want it shiny; he wants it shooting. What's that gibberish?
--Don't touch! You'll wipe the--
Data loss

Calot is protected by a shield that is powered from the ship. Activate two consoles to disable it. You will need to stay within range to complete the hacking for both consoles. In the room are several raiders accompanied by a bunch of adhis and an eiroch.

Signal for evacEdit

The engineers are warning that the ship reactors don't look good. Use the Airlock Control to leave the ship. The reactors are leaking, and the ship becomes full of radiation.

When the conversations are over, the kett ship explodes.


Liam's rank 6 skills are unlocked.

The next time you speak to Liam, the mission Liam Kosta: Something for the Neighbors starts.


1330 XP.

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